Thursday, 14 February 2013

A New Dawn Demo

This is a great demo by a new band from Southern California, Playing what i believe is called "Epic Crust" by the kids these days (Basically means it's in a similar vein to the originators of this style such as Tragedy and From Ashes Rise) What you get is fast d-beat drums, heavy guitar, great melodic leads &  great riffing! I will be well shocked if someone like Southern Lord (in their new crust punk phase) or hopefully some slightly more ethical label like Feral Ward don't pick these guys up. Tho their style may be slightly derivative and there is a lot of this type of stuff around these days this is only their first demo and it's so well played and shows a lot of maturity , good song writing and originality within their chosen style to stand out, I listen to a lot of this kinda thing and i wouldn't be posting it if it wasn't really fucking good! Go get it!


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