Friday, 15 February 2013


Downloaded these free from Bandcamp a few months ago I've posted direct links to both of their sides of the split albums they've done they are "pay what you want" on bandcamp so if you wish to have them free just type 0 in the price box when prompted, or pay them a little something if you want? below is what i posted on facebook after hearing them for the first time.....

FUCCCCCK!!!!!! I Just downloaded some stuff by Swedish band Aggrenation and I am absolutely blown away why I've never heard of this band before I do not know! Remember when Crust/D-beat didn't have melodic NOFX/"Insert Fat Wreck band here" lead work going on and vocals straight off the first Napalm Death album?? Well these guys are the SHIT! fast, tight, blown out, heavy (but not downtuned) with good shouted not growled vox and a very slight nod to Motorhead! For fans of Wolfpack (not Brigade), Skit System, Anti Cimex etc and quality old school Swedish D-Beat brutality! Like having a Tank with the word KANG spraypainted on the hull ride straight through your living room! AWESOME!

Ok so i get carried away sometimes! Go judge for yourself....

Split W/ Homino Lupus - HERE

Split W/ Nulla Osta

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