Saturday, 16 February 2013

Antisect 10" 2011

Well I was as excited as anyone when i heard these guys had reformed (was not so happy when i discovered that they and Extinction of Mankind had played near me at one of my favourite venues in Liverpool the day after it happened!) So i missed out on the opportunity to see some great bands and to pick up this gig exclusive 10" (not that it would have been much good to me tho i still would've had one!) anyway theres been a bit of controversy flying around about this reformation, apparent band members betrayal of previously held beliefs and making money off the Antisect name/legacy etc. personally I'm just interested in the music and apathetic as that may appear I think at my age i have a far more realistic view on the state of things than i did 20 years ago and I'm sure these guys being older than me do as well. I'm just really happy that one of the best and most infuential and revered bands of the anarcho/crust/whatever scene are back! This 10" is great falling somewhere between the more heavy anarcho punk and heavily english accented vocals of their album and the more metallic/gruff vocals style of the "Into the Void" 7" but with a good modern production and sound. There are only 2 songs and I do have a bit of a niggle that seeing as how 1 of the 2 re-recorded songs here was 1 side of  their last release the "Into The Void" 7" from 1985 it does seem a bit of a strange release to herald the return of such a mighty band! Because, having had almost a full 2nd album ready before they split in '87 i don't know why they didn't give us 2 new songs?? Anyway dunno why I'm griping really, It's 2 more Antisect studio songs than we had before and they are back touring and planning more releases and for that reason alone it's enough to bring a smile to my face! I'm uploading this because it's the first new material from a great band in many years and it's only available on vinyl,no download, and in this case only available to anyone who went to the gigs they did recently. i think it's fair enough to give people an extra reason to come see you but it also perpetuates the exclusivity that is prevelant in this scene! As i'm sure there is a legion of rabid Antisect fans out there worldwide who couldn't go to gigs in the UK and are prob desperate to hear this, So... Thanks to whoever uploaded this originally (I got it from a google search) I've uploaded it myself and here it is for you... Enjoy

ANTISECT 10" - Mediafire

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