Sunday, 24 February 2013


Deathtoll were (I say were cos their last release was in 2005 so I'm assuming they are no longer around) from Oakland California and featured ex- members of Attitude Adjustment of all bands which is truly surprising cos they couldn't be further away from A.A.'s tight crossover sound if they tried! This band are great straight up, no frills, no metal, no melodic leads, fast and heavy D-beat they remind me a bit of an Americanized version of Extreme Noise Terror simply because of their speed and some of the riffs are played in a similar style to E.N.T. (tho not ripped off) but these guys have a sound all their own and they are definitely not as ragged and harsh sounding as E.N.T. (and they don't have Dean Jones brutal-from-hell cement mixer vocal style either) they also remind me a little of Pro -life control/Fuck Peaceville era Doom as well but again not as ragged and distorted! Good sounding production where everything is clear and even in the mix and the guitar sound is good thick and heavy without being downtuned and metallic or ragged, overdriven or overdistorted! I say d-beat but this is purely restricted to the beat their drummer uses as they are faster than your average Discharge clone band and they don't recycle Discharge riffs either! I like the vocalist as well because he is projecting anger and aggression without descending into the guttural growl usually associated with this kinda stuff  and you can actually discern a lot of what's being said without the aid of the lyric sheet!
I like Deathtioll a lot and I'm gutted that the file i present here (An EP & a split CD 13 tracks 24 minutes!) is all the stuff they've done I wish they'd kept at it cos their style definitely stands out and the fact they are definitely within the crust punk genre but they don't adhere completely to all the typical hallmarks of that sound and i like their no messing approach  for example it's the little touches they add that make them so good like in the first verse of "Even The Score" (1st track on split CD) halfway through the first verse the drummer switches from his high hat to his crash cymbal and it just kinda ups the tempo without actually speeding up nothing technical or flashy but it just makes me go ARRRRGGGHHH! FUCCCK!!!! I also like the fact that the lyrics are plain and simple no quotes from anarchist professors, classic novels or university graduate speak just straight up fuck you this fuckin system is fucked and we're fuckin pissed about it!
So what you get in this file is everything they've done their debut CDEP (might have been released as a 7" as well) and their side of a split CD with Blown to Bits (I've only put the Deathtoll side in the file as no direspect to BTB but they're pretty average) as per ususal ripped from my own CD's and uploaded at 320kbps for maximum effect!
As far as the heavier stuff I've been posting on here I've mostly been posting stuff that i keep calling epic crust y'know fast,heavy guttural vocals, melodic leads epic breakdowns, download this if you fancy something a little different from that style check these out no less intense than anything else I've posted but certainly a different approach!


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