Monday, 25 February 2013

Demos 2011

Right ok so I'm being a bit naughty here... If you didn't know already or didn't read my previous Antisect post HERE these absolute Anarcho/Crust legends are back, they have been kicking around with a reformation and recording since 2011 now i don't know the full story but from what I can gather Pete Boyce the original singer was maybe part of the reformed Antisect there were maybe possible fall outs and in the tradition of punk, people are remaining tight lipped but there's still a bit of bitching going on!  I don't know the full story and i don't wish to get the facts wrong what I've said is just the vibe i get from what i have read online I've said it before i'm interested in the music! So because of all this there's now an "Official" Antisect website and page on Facebook and an "Unofficial" Antisect page on facebook, the "Unofficial" being the one run by Pete Boyce! Now on  his unofficial page Pete has posted up loads of  youtube videos of 2011 demo versions of Antisect tracks some old some new some with vocals and some just instrumentals I don't know if he sang on the tracks with vocals or not like i say i don't know whats going on all i know is theres new Antisect shit and I gotta have it! So this is where i've been a bit cheeky I decided earlier this evening that listening to the individual songs on youtube and on his page was a right pain in the arse and that it was a shame that I couldn't collect them all together in one place somehow.......  and PING! a lightbulb goes off over my head and I remember that i have a youtube video to MP3 convertor in the computer so I basically ripped all the videos to MP3 and here ya go 46 Minutes of Antisect in the studio in 2011 Heres the tracklist....

1: New Dark Ages
2: Yet They Still Ignore
3: Heresy
4: Bedlam
5: Out From The Void Pt. 2 (Different version than the one on the 2011 tour 10")
6: Behind The Lines (Inst.)
7: They Came (Inst.)
8: Tortured And Abused (Inst.)
9: We Think You Know/Ritual (Both Inst.)
10: Channel Zero Reality (Inst.)
11: Ritual (Partial Vocals)

I can tell you now if you're Antisect fan but you can't be bothered with the Instrumental tracks you still NEED this for the 5 Vocal tracks, and you can always use the 5 instrumentals for some Crust karaoke!! I converted these from youtube files like i said but i then ran them through the media player and burned them to a disc and ripped em back in so you get the best quality i can make it, it's at 320kbps and sounds fucking decent to me but do bear in mind how i sourced them!

I'm not gonna go into too much blurb about this music It's Antisect if you don't know them already you probably wouldn't bother reading this if you're already a fan as you should be you'll be a gibbering wreck trying to click on the link below!

2011 DemosMediafire

If any members of Antisect or friends come across this post and want it taken down fine just ask and I'll remove it no problems but please message me before taking any kind of action. Thanks.


  1. Great minds think alike Dave I did the same but haven't put them all together so you've saved me the bother...nice one.

  2. you're very welcome 67 punk if you haven't had it already i also posted the Antisect tour 10" on here as well as it's pretty shit that you can't buy it or download it legally anywhere! If you have a blog you're welcome to share any of my links you like from here all of it is in my own storage unless stated otherwise and will be there for the forseeable future! thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

  3. DOH just realised this is also you gordon didn't make the connection from the comment on autarch! IDIOT! (Me that is!)