Thursday, 14 February 2013

Night Nurse

Night Nurse : "From The Womb To The Tomb" demo These guys (&Gals) are a new band from Portland Oregon (The world crust capital!!) Featuring ex and current members of Hellshock, Detestation, Blood Freak & Social Infestation and if you are familiar with any of these bands then you will know roughly what to expect! when i heard about this band and saw the video they put up for this tape I was desperate to get my hands on the tape but couldn't, last week however they put it up on bandcamp but they had it posted track by track and all the files came down untagged so I have downloaded it and remedied this, they said feel free to share so to give some relief to their bandcamp site I decided to post it here. This is absolutely great heavy female fronted crust, I've heard people compare them to Entombed and Sacrilege (i think the Sacrilege comparison is simply the same cop out used by everyone when there is a female fronting a heavy band) Anyway I won't compare them to anyone else as i feel they are quite original but this is some really great heavy metallic edged well played and memorable crust all the hallmarks of the sound are there but these guys seem to put an original twist on it that separates them from the huge pack of bands of this style, go get it and see for yourself you will NOT be dissapointed!

NIGHT NURSE DEMO -  .Mediafire


  1. Hey man thanks! Glad you dig what we're doing, we just got done recording some new stuff that should be available soon! Cheers! Brandon//Night Nurse

  2. No prob Brandon thanks for sharing your tape on bandcamp I was really gutted i couldn't get my hands on an actual copy! Can't wait for the new stuff your band is one i have high hopes for! Thanks for commenting and feel free to share the link as I know theres a limit on free downloads on bandcamp,


    Dave B.