Thursday, 14 February 2013


I found out about these only recently and it wasn't till i was doing the Wolfbeast Destroyer post below and checking out who they had ex members of in the band that i now understand exactly why Wolfbeast Destroyer are so ferocious! I discovered this utter gem of a band unfortunately, way after the fact, this album is from 2009 I just got it late last year long after they had broken up which is a shame really as i had no idea there were any british bands out there doing this kinda thing,anyway this falls squarely into the same sorta style as the rest of todays posts fast,heavy and utterly ripping I have posted the CD version that i have because it comes with 6 bonus tracks. It's got a great production and is ripped by me and uploaded at 320kbps so if you liked anything else that I've posted today and are unaware of this band they are VERY worthy of your attention!


Or alternatively help fund future Wolbeast destroyer products by buying a copy from the band's big cartel
site it's only a fiver for 16 tracks of utter brilliance! plus they are also selling their 1st EP for 50p and 2 other ep's for £1.50 each!! that's a fucking bargain! One of those EP's is the split they did with Irelands amazing Bacchus (Ex members of The Dagda) which is how i came to find out about Burning The Prospect in the first place go get em folks....

By the way if anyone reading this has rips of the 1st Burning the Prospect EP or the split EP with Valhalla Pacificists please send me a link I love this band and would buy the ep's but once again no record player no more!

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