Sunday, 24 February 2013

MUCKSPREADER (No One Talks About Them At Crusty Parties!!)

So I'm sure I don't have to tell any of you who are fans of the heavier stuff I post on this blog about Amebix and how damn important they are to the sound of most of the music we listen to these days? No Amebix would equal no crust punk simple as that, they were one of the most utterly unique sounding bands within the genre and their artwork music lyrics and sound is still heard and seen in almost every crusty band worldwide today. 
So I'm not gonna go into the history of Amebix we all know after "Monolith" Rob left the band and Spider,Stig And Smutpig started another band called Zygote with Tim (Ex The Smart Pils) who were  similar in style to Amebix but only lasted for one album. This is where i come in with this post after Zygote Spider went on to form Muckspreader (unfortunately i don't know who else was in the band info is sparse). Why this "other" Amebix related band have had little attention or been subject to a Re-issue CD or something I have no idea over the course of a 7" and a 10" these guys put out 7 tracks of the best Amebix styled metallic crust!(albeit with a little less gloominess and a bit more humour) I hear shades of great anarcho punk and bits of the bands that came later that were obviously influenced by Amebix like Deviated Instinct and Axegrinder. There is only a 3 track 7" and a 4 track 10" available by them (They also did a track on the Subhumans tribute album but I haven't got that) 
I got these off the internet but i did used to own both on vinyl. They are both decent quality Vinyl rips not too much crackle or distortion but the 7" recording while not too bad quality is a VERY quiet recording but if memory serves correctly it was a very quiet record on vinyl probably due to the fact that there's 7 minutes of music per side which usually makes for a quiet pressing but the quality is there so all you have to do is reach for the volume knob! The 10" is both good quality vinyl rip and decent volume as well! Both files come with all the cover art and inserts scanned as well.
I think it's criminal that this important and really good band are as relevant to the post- Amebix history as Zygote both in sound and the fact that Spider is in the band as well, and don't even get so much as a whispered-under-the-breath mention in the astoundingly brilliant Amebix documentary "Risen!" Muckspreader are that shameful Amebix cousin that no one talks about at parties but if you're a fan of Amebix or of that totally unique (and never replicated) English style of late 80's metallic crust (early Hellbastard, Deviated Instinct, Axegrinder etc etc) This is BEYOND essential listening! Someone for fuck sake remaster and compile these on a CD cos it's a shame they have become a bit of a buried relic and Amebix fans new and old NEED to hear this band.



  1. I love Muckspreader!! Was just listening to the 7 and 10inch.

  2. I saw them in South Hampton some time in the 90's when Scatha and Quarantine played. They were amazing. -pixie

  3. One of Muckspreader's albums was recorded by my old man at our house in 1995. I slipped the band a post-it note one day which said "I am nice I am splam" (don't ask why, I was 5 at the time) and they named the album after it. Not sure about surnames, but Kaz was on bass, Lee was on guitar, Mike was vocals, as well as Spider on drums of course! It was a real squeeze fitting them into our tiny place!

  4. I'LL put a compilation together.. Mike Spreader

    1. hey Mike, would you like me to remove this post then if you intend to do something these are just shitty vinyl rips i got off the internet as i say i used to own them and no one seems to know about this project and i thought you guys were great!


      Dave B.