Sunday, 24 February 2013

Shades Of Grey & Mässmörd

So a double header of more destroying Swedish Crust here Firstly Shades of Grey (Left hand pic), these guys must have been cursing their choice of name recently due to the popularity of a certain housewife-porn novel! I'll say no more!!! I came across Shades of Grey whilst going through a crust blog about a year ago I was reading a post about deceased Swedish crust titans Mässmörd (now known as Future Ruins) and the description sounded good so i downloaded their stuff and i was highly impressed but one of Mässmörd files I downloaded was a split album with Shades Of Grey and again it was one of those chance discoveries that was pure luck!

Shades Of Grey are absolutely ripping Taking the D-beat/Crust type template but with some excellent melodic guitar touches and utterly agressive female vocals (this is one female fronted band you couldn't compare to Sacrilege!) one minute you're barelling along at full speed then BANG you're in the middle of an crushing epic breakdown! Although this style of "crust" can be a bit samey these days Shades..sound while based within the metallic/crust/d-beat framework has excellent playing, great breakdowns and those brutal female vocals just give them an edge to me that puts them well ahead of the vast pack of bands doing this style! I've given you the CD version of Shades Of Grey's only album  "Freedom/Incarceration" (at 320kbps from my own CD) as it has their 5 tracks from their split with Mässmörd as bonus tracks so that rounds up their recorded works to date though i've been able to find little information on this band I have to assume that as the album came out in 2009 that after 3 + years of no activity or news they are more than likely split up which is a shame but if anyone knows different please let me know as i tried messaging them  through the email adress on the CD but got no reply!

Shades Of Grey CDMediafire

And onto Mässmörd (right hand pic above), so i explained above how i came across these and theres not much i can add to that but they were so fucking good I tracked down both albums and the split on CD and bought them! what i know is they broke up and reformed with 1 new person and are now called Future Ruins and under this name they are still doing very similar music so the reason for the name change seems strange to me! So here again is some heavy,epic crust with great breakdowns and melodic flourishes very similar to Shades Of Grey except with male vocals instead of female! I think they were very well suited to doing a split CD together! I'm running low on descriptive terms for this kind of stuff and i don't like comparing or pigeonholing bands too much if you like modern crust punk Mässmörd are among the best of this style, so below you will find links to both their albums and the Split CD which is everything they did. there is a lot of this stuff out there and in a lot of cases it's fairly easy to come by if I've put it on this blog you can be guaranteed it's here because it's either unavailable elsewhere in the quality of rip I'm providing (320kbps all the way if i own the CD's which in the case of both bands here I do) or the band is doing the crust style better and more gripping your attention than the mass of bands doing it! Mässmörd & Shades Of Grey will kick your fucking arse so go get em...

Inget Liv Ingen DödMediafire

Split W/ Shades Of GreyMediafire


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