Monday, 25 February 2013


I discovered these through a review in Maximum Rock 'N' Roll I think, liked the sound of the review and bought em up on vinyl subsequently the CD version of the album contained both their EP's on there making it a discography CD which is where i sourced this from (My own CD ripped at 320kbps as usual) but because I'm slightly OCD and like things presented as they were released I've broken it up and tagged it all in folders with relevant covers etc.! Anyways... these were a short lived hardcore/crust band from Boston MA. USA feat ex members of Balance Of Terror (if that means something to you I've never heard of em, maybe I should look into that!) They did 2 S/T EP's and a S/T LP and then they were gone! Firstly the 2 x EP's, these are really fucking good and they don't fit quite so neatly into the "Crust" mould and are comparable soundwise to  Talk Is Poison  (see my previous post on T.I.P. HERE ) That is whilst fast and using the Traditional D-beat they obviously have influences outside of the Crust arena theres some good powerful mid-paced parts and there is also some great tight fast drumming and abundant fast snare rolls on there which coupled with the great drum sound is definitely a nod to the classic sound of their hometown (Jerry's Kids, Early Gang Green etc) Which being a fan of classic Boston hardcore definitely appealed to me. These EP's have thick and loud sounding guitars and bass and shouted more than growled vocals but overall they have a slight Hardcore edge to their sound which elevates them a bit beyond your average downtuned brutal growly type crust! also the songs like Talk Is Poison are memorable and don't just blur into one anther and sound identical to each other either which is great! These 2 EP's were recorded at one session but released on 2 x 6 track 7"'s on different labels but again like Talk Is Poison they don't name their records so in the file i've tagged them for the record labels they were released on these are again another short lived band who i think were highly overlooked and that's why I'm posting this file.

Now onto their debut album I was highly anticipating the album and i had to wait a while after it was released because the vinyl version came out first before the aforementioned "Discography" CD so every week I was messaging Partners in Crime "Is the CD ready yet??" because as I said loved the EP's and I was dying for the album! I have to say I was a little dissapointed as they had toned down their thick heavy edge and the vocals were toned down just ever so slightly and I felt the album just didn't match up to the ferociousness of the EP's It's not THAT major a difference between the EP's and the album don't get me wrong I just felt there was a bit more hardcore and a bit less originality to me......
........ however it's time for a classic Dave EPIC fail, when I'm doing these posts i usually listen to what I'm writing about as i'm writing it because in some cases I haven't listened to things in a while and i'm choosing things on my memory of them being great and or overlooked in some cases! So I have been listening to Sleeper Cell as i type this and after i did the extremely positive blurb above about the EP's I was thinking how do i explain the album being a bit lame?? so this is when i had just finished typing the above less than positive paragraph about the album a minute ago so  i thought I'll skip along a bit and re-listen to the album before i say anything else thinking I was still listening to the EP's at this point, but, when i opened media player to skip on I realised i was halfway through the album and it was kicking my ass as much as the EP's!! So sometimes i guess I'm full of shit why the fuck i thought what i did about the album as i have written above I have no idea because listening to it right now it really is NO less intense or fast or great as the EP's so thats a big bonus for everyone me included! This happens to me all the time my girlfriend is forever getting me when playing music I'll say "this is really good who's this?" and she'll say "It's (whomever) you said you fucking hated them last time I played this" OOPS! However this does not mean my blurbs on here are not accurate as I've said i do listen to everything before and during the writing it up so if i say it's good it's based on my past opinion and my opinion on re-listening, otherwise it wouldn't make the cut! I left the negative paragraph about the album in just to illustrate that sometimes things are better after you go back to them again and I guess to show I'm at least honest :-) Fuck it man just stop listening to me now and go listen to Sleeper Cell instead.... (File contains both ep's and the album a complete discography)


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