Saturday, 23 February 2013

Talk IS Poison

Back in the late 90's Talk Is Poison appeared with their debut EP "Straight To Hell" on Prank records  and when I first heard this EP I knew I was on to something truly exceptional. This band are amazing and back then they were pretty fucking original too. Take the sound of the heavier early US Hardcore bands (for Example say "Damaged" era Black Flag ,Christ on Parade, BLA'ST! or Pain Of Mind/Word As Law era Neurosis) and mold it round a late 90's era Crust/Punk template and you get the sound of Talk is Poison! Thick & heavy (though not downtuned or metal though) guitars and unusual song structures great passionate shouted vocals and lyrics, it's hard to put descriptive terms to Talk is Poison as again they don't neatly fit into a particular hardcore genre but I would say these would definitley be enjoyed by fans of Dead And Gone, Born Against, Econochrist,Devoid of Faith etc y'know really great hardcore that is intense, political but just adds enough of something fresh and new to not just be another crust/d-beat etc type band.really powerful music. They seemed to disappear in 2000 after their initial EP a split and the "Control" EP but they returned in 2010 with a new EP and started touring again but seemed to have dissapeared...again!

So this file compiles their complete discography to date and unfortunately it's not that much (21 tracks in less than half an hour) what you get here is a bit of a mixed bag source wise so I'll tell you what's in the file here and where it came from just so you know

"Straight To Hell" (1998) taken from my own 320kbps CD rip
Split EP W/ Deathreat (1998)  taken from same 320 Kbps CD rip
"Control" EP (1999) Taken from pretty decent quality vinyl rip
"Rage To Infinty" EP (2010) Downloaded from internet pretty decent vinyl rip.

Please note none of the Talk Is Poison EP's have actual titles, the titles I've given are the ones they are commonly known by and usually titled from the first song on the EP otherwise they'd all just be called Talk Is Poison EP and it'd just be confusing! So the files are all tagged and seperated and in individual folders with artwork so when youn extract it should be perfectly organized!!
Get Crackin on this great band!

TALK IS POISON -  Mediafire


  1. cool. amazing band and nice written thoughts about them.
    i already have these mp3s, but thanks for not just post a simple download link.

    1. no problem my blog is not just for free music i like to give people my opinion on thoughts on anything i put up as nothing gets posted on here unless i have a deep respect for the band and music so to post just a link would be rubbish! Glad you like the post!


      Dave B.