Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wolfbeast Destroyer

With a name like Wolfbeast Destroyer I suppose a description is a bit of a moot point really but anyway....I heard about this British band last year featuring ex members of Urko & Burning The Prospect (Who are also a fucking great band I have posted their album HERE), I found out they had an EP coming out and you could download it for free or buy it on 10" vinyl I don't have a record player so I did a bit of surfing got the link and downloaded it. Firstly love the cover hit play on the media player and i was utterly gobsmacked No Insults to any of the great British hardcore bands out there right now but i would say this is the best British "Crust" Punk/Hardcore/Whatever release in years and these guys are prob the best band doing this style in this country why they don't seem to be generating a buzz I have NO idea!. Take every great influence that bands making this music usually draw upon mix them all together bring it bang up to date add a great production and you get this. From the minute you hit play this EP just pins you to the wall and rips your fucking face off! Heavy,Fast,Tight Angry and Fucking Brutal not for the faint of heart but gives me the biggest rush and makes me want to wreck shit every time i listen to it and that's really what you want from this kinda music right? Not that they sound particularly like any of them but this is a must for fans of the like of Tragedy, Wolfbrigade, Hellshock, Martyrdod, Massmord,N.D.T. etc etc but these guys are taking it to a whole new level! I will be most upset if they turn out to be one of these British bands who get together show some real fucking promise do a record then break up as seems to be a very common trait with UK Hardcore there's enough "Ex Members of..." in this country to make a hardcore orchestra (or 2)! Honestly trust me here 5 minutes of your time is all it takes to download this why are you still reading? go go go go!!!!

Wolfbeast Destroyer 10"Bandcamp

or buy it here -

(not my upload but checked and tested. link comes from the label that released the record and with the bands approval)

UPDATE - I have yet to get any information from any of the members of Wolfbeast Destroyer about their current plans/activities however I managed to pick up their 2009 Demo CD at the recent Vitriolic Response Gig (Cheers Rob) so in the interests of completion I have uploaded it here for you the 4 tracks presented here are all on the above 10" however these are their raw demo forms and pretty much as good quality as the 10" and seeing as how this demo and the 10" are ALL the Wolfbeast Destroyer there is and cos they are SO fucking great and I'm able to upload a 320 kbps Rip of it i thought you might like to have it readers!! Enjoy

2009 Demo  - Mediafire

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