Thursday, 21 March 2013

Complicated Complications

Well earlier today I commented on a facebook post about Canadian crust band Born Dead Icons I mentioned that I often wondered what had happened to this awesome band they just seemed to dissapear after their 3rd album "Ruins" in 2003. well on the facebook post someone kindly informed me they had started a new band during/after Born dead Icons called Complications! So i did a bit of surfing to see if i could find anything it wasn't easy they have released 2 tapes a vinyl album and 1 x 7" and none of them have titles just "Complications" and try typing complications into google and see what you get!! I'll tell you what... thousands of sites about pregnancy!!!! anyway after a bit of surfing and sifting i manged to download one of their tapes and their album and boy was it worth the work. They have taken the sound Born dead Icons had on 2nd album "Salvation On The Knees" which was leaning towards a more melodic early American hardcore sound (Think Wipers, Effigies, Articles of faith etc etc) and added a bit of post punk influences and come up with something really original! If you liked Born Dead Icons then i can't recommend this highly enough if you haven't heard Born Dead Icons but you like early melodic american hardcore and post punk then this is definitely for you! I've only just discovered them today so i can't describe them much more as i've only listened to both the tape and LP once all i know is i thouroughly enjoyed it and wanted to get it up here and linked so anyone who is looking for it might not have to do so much difficuult surfing as i did!! The source for these was tape for the tape obviously and the LP is only on LP so i'm assuming that this file was otriginally ripped from vinyl but i was listening to it earlier and  Didn't notice any crackles or jumps so maybe it isn't they are both very decent quality anyway! Enjoy....



I just heard that it's unlikely you'll hear much more from this band as apparently one of them is now a trucker/lorry driver and the other has a baby so this might be the last we hear of these guys but hope not!

UPDATE JULY 2013 - Just got a message up today on facebook from Complications advertising a gig soon so they ain't done yet keep your ears peeled!

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