Sunday, 10 March 2013

Cracked Cop Skulls

Putting this up as an add-on to the Squandered post (HERE) if you read the Squandered post you'll know that they evolved out of this band Cracked Cop Skulls. Having taken their name from a song by Swedish legends Shitlickers you should have an idea what to expect 20 tracks over 2 EP's of short fast loud Discharge and Swedish Kang influenced crust not a million miles away in sound from the Squandered stuff below same double tracked vocals etc. Both EP's are pretty old (1995) but still great stuff if you liked Squandered then you should get these now. Taken from vinyl rips I found on the net but pretty decent qality both EP's are in the file with covers etc.. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Dave, this one's blocked for violation.... Thomas

  2. Hi Thomas just checkin in at the mo I have been working all week and am spending some quality time off the blog next 2 days but cracked cop skulls will be re-upped early in next week for you.