Saturday, 9 March 2013

Filth Of Mankind

If you didn't know already Filth Of Mankind were a short lived band from Poland that featured Milosz Gassan on guitar who is one of the founding members of epic crust metal band Morne, and you can definitely feel the seeds of what he would do in Morne being sown here with F.O.M. this is some thick heavy and dark crust taking it's influence from Amebix, Axegrinder etc and making it even darker and heavier it even reminds me a little of Bolt Thrower in places but without the rapid fire double bass drums! There's also loads of atmospheric keyboard throughout as well giving it a truly epic feel! I had heard of these back in 2000 when this came out but being called Filth of Mankind I just thought it would be one more faceless crusty band  that would get lost in my collection I was very wrong and I have to be honest didn't find out about these till after i discovered Morne in about 2009 so better late than never! This is head and shoulders above everything that was around when it came out and still sounds fresh new and interesting now 12 years later this is essential for any fans of dark heavy epic music! It's a relentless album from start to finish there's loads of great riffs and the songs are actually very well played and memorable and though it's mainly mid paced when the D-beats do occasionaly kick in it's nicely controlled and doesn't sound derivative in any way, They really had a grasp of their dynamics these guys! I wish more bands would take the time and consideration to write stuff like this because up until Morne started there was nothing else really like this around and bands are only starting to take this style on board now (See Tragedy's latest album "Darker Days Ahead" for a good example of this). This was obviously groundbreaking at the time and I'm truly gutted i didn't get to them till well after the fact cos i judged the band by their name!
Unfortunately they only did one album  "The Final Chapter" which with only 8 tracks clocks in at a healthy 40+ mins they also did one 7" EP "Czasd Koncha Wieku" and I've packaged them both together in one file for you. The album is taken from a 320kbps rip of my own CD and the EP is from a very good quality vinyl rip. This really is jaw-droppingly good stuff it's so contemporary in fact that if i was to tell you this was a new release I reckon you'd beleive me. I've put this up as this CD is becoming very hard to find and is totally out of print and it really sucks because it's such a good album and with the connection to Morne you'd think someone would re-issue it.


UPDATE JULY 2013 - Filth Of Mankind are still going looks like they never split up at all why they haven't released anything in all this time who knows but go get the latest info here.... facebook


  1. F.o.M. actually did split up but in early 2011. They never recorded any new stuff but had more than album-worth of new tracks although not nearly as good as the songs written before Gassan left for the States. They also had another vocalist for quite some years although later Tomasz Pawlak (known from the recordings) returned for a year or two before the band stopped.
    And now it seems that they reunite for a single US show in 2015, not sure what the line-up for this is going to be except for the original drummer and old-bassist-playing-guitar.

  2. High quality downloads available for free on Bandcamp as well

  3. Thank you for this . Heard F.O.M. a few years ago and was blown away . Wish I could find phyical copy's of records from them a shirt and patches would be great to . Thank you for this and so much more other great tunes on here .