Friday, 22 March 2013


I've mentioned Audiosiege a few times in this blog but if you didn't know already it's an offshoot of Moshpit Tragedy website belonging to Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) who also runs Audiosiege studio it's a free  download label where you can download a shedload of releases Brad has been involved in recording or mastering I finally got the link that will take you to all the free stuff. You gan get Le Kraken : "Exalt" and their latest "Exil" , Sarabante "Remnants" album and many more albums and demos and it's all SHIT HOT and all FREE. I have downloaded all of the available Audiosiege stuff and every one of the releases are top quality and most of it is good epic crust I heard Sarabante there and they were so good i bought their CD and a T-shirt! It's all really that good! anyway heres your link go check it out.....


NOTE they have a strange yet cool way of doing things at the site when you go to the page you will find a virtual record player with one track off each release listed alongside it, click on the band you want and the record player will spring into action and there is a link underneath that says Click here for download info click on that and the download of your chosen artist will start automatically. I recommend you take it all as every release on Audiosiege so far has been killer and has lead me to a purchase where the band have had CD's available.

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