Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mob 47

So I couldn't possibly do a post on Classic 80's Swedish Hardcore without including Mob 47 but seeing as i couldn't pick a particular recording from their very complicated back catalog i've uploaded "Ultimate Attack" a double CD of their entire recordings from 1983 - 1986, This isn't the full story however as the picture above is Mob 47 in 2011 they are still gigging and released an EP called "Dom Ljuger Ijen" In 2008 (not included here) So back to the original days of Mob 47 these guys are probably along with Anti-Cimex the most influential of the 80's Swedish Hardcore bands Their sound of superfast D-beats and maybe a slightly smoother less blown out sound than their contemporaries, not that these guys aren't raw and intense and the Discharge influence as always with the 80's Swedish haredcore is prevalent throughout (on disc 2 there's a studio session with no less than 8 Discharge covers in a row!!!) I just always felt they had a slightly "cleaner" sound than some of the other stuff i posted earlier, Don't let my description put you off cos these guys are most definitely the very defenition of Swedish Kang and the influence of the material I've put up here on crust punk is most definitely being felt even in the newest of bands, That's why they get a post all to themselves!! anyway heres the discography comp ripped from CD check it out...

MOB 47 Disc 1Mediafire

MOB 47 Disc 2Mediafire


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