Tuesday, 12 March 2013

No Security

No Security existed from 1986 - 1993 various members went on to play in the likes of Dischange, Meanwhile, Krigshot, Totalitar & Imperial Leather to name but a few I don't know much about them other than that except about what music they've released. Having done a split LP with Doom on Peaceville in 1989 I guess they are one of the better known Swedish bands. What I do know is they play some fast agressive D-beat thrash that fit's in nicely with the rest of the Swedish posts I've put up recently! The extremely shady "Release whatever we want without the bands permission or knowledge" Lost And Found records from Germany released an almost discography CD bizzarely titled "When The Gist Is Sucked From The Fruit Of Welfare The Ugly Faces Of Truth Will Show" whether this was released with or without the bands permission i don't know but considering the material and the decent quality throughout the CD I'm thinking maybe this was one of their "legit" releases! I have uploaded that for you due to the fact it's a fairly thorough release the only thing missing is their side of the split LP with Doom which i have very handily also uploaded making this a complete discography to my knowledge, here's a list of where the material on the CD is sourced from....

Tracks 1-4: Recorded May 1993. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 5-7: Taken from the split LP with Doom on Peaceville Records. Re-recorded May 1993. 
Tracks 8-14: Demo 4. Recorded December 1990. Track 8, 10 and 11 were later used for the split 7" EP with Crocodileskink, track 14 was used for a compilation 7" EP. Track 9, 12 and 13 previously unreleased. 
Tracks 15-17: Recorded June 1990. Taken from the split LP with Valvontakommissio. 
Track 18: Recorded April 1990. Taken from a faulty test pressing of a faulty recording. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 19-21: Recorded 1988. Taken from the split 7" EP with Cruel Maniax on Cruel Records. 
Tracks 22-25: Recorded 1987. Taken from the 7" EP on STF Records. 
Tracks 26-28: taken from Demo 3. Recorded 1987. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 29-35: taken from Demo 2. Recorded 1987. Previously unreleased. 
Tracks 36-37: taken from Demo 1. Recorded 1986. Previously unreleased.

Hopefully that will be helpful when you've downloaded it why they chose to do this CD in reverse chronological order i dunno don't suppose it matters just my OCD tendencies kicking in!!
Anyway below are your links go get a big chunk of top class fast Swedish KANG! courtesy of No Security!


SPLIT W/ DOOMMediafire

OOPS!! I just noticed after postiing this that The "Discography" CD isn't quite what it says as it doesn't include the entire Split LP with Valvontakomissio just 3 of the 12 tracks which would be a severe loss to this post as it fucking rips so I uploaded it and here's your link....

SPLIT W/ VALKON.. - Mediafire

That's everything now! 


  1. You're perfectly thorough & concise in all your posts & seem to have EVERYTHING I want. This is, by leagues, the greatest blog to-date.

    1. Thanks Fishy, That comment made my day it's people like yourself that take the time to comment on posts and give encouragement that keep me doing the blog, I shared what you said to my facebook, Genuinely thankful,


      Dave B.

  2. Hey man, any chance you could upload the Valvontakomissio side of
    the split tracks? I already have all of No Security. Thanx!

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    2. Sorry Narco I don't have it



    3. Damn, I'll have tp check on Discogs if anyone from the USA is selling a copy. Thanks anyway.