Sunday, 31 March 2013


Oroku are a band i know very little about I came to them by chance whilst browsing Inimical records website. These guys are pretty much a dead ringer for Remains Of The Day (see post HERE ) if someone had given me a copy of this and said it was an unreleased Remains Of The Day recording i would have beleived it! Again we have epic crust in the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise vein and they have a cellist present in the ranks hence the Remains Of The Day comparison, their cellist Lisa was also in a band called Garmonbozia if thats any help to anyone?? I've uploaded Oroku's one and only CD here which contains their album and their 1st EP which makes it pretty much a discography for these guys as they're status is listed on the Inimical page as inactive and i can find no info on what the band members are doing if not Oroku! This is fast epic crust with big emotional string filled breakdowns which really just blow me away!

If you feel my posts are getting a bit formulaic and a bit too much on the Tragedy/From Ashes Rise style well i have to say tough fucking shit this is the kind of thing that drives me nuts in the best way and makes modern life more bearable and I post these things in the hope it will do the same for you also because i feel that though there is a lot of stuff like this out there i am picking the best of it for you the likes of Requiem (See My Post HERE ) Shades Of Grey (See My Post HERE ) & Remains Of The Day (See My Post HERE ) are some of the best music i have ever heard and due to them being fairly obscure i feel that these bands aren't getting the recognition they deserve. Trust me i wouldn't be posting so many bands of the same style if i wasn't picking out the best of them for you guys!I only keep mentioning Tragedy & F.A.R. becuase they are the most well known bands of this style so you get the idea... Enjoy...


You can also buy this CD for the criminally low price of $2 plus postage at the link below though why Inimical has had to reduce the price so low to sell this is a testament to how some great bands get severely overlooked....
You can get almost all Inimical records releases on CD for about $2 I HIGHLY recommend you also check out the $2 CD's of Jesus Fucking Christ a band featuring members of Filth & Neurosis playing some great old school Poison Idea styled hardcore with a slightly crustier edge go buy some CD's from Inimical!

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  1. Oroku I believe are from or based in Seattle WA some of the nicest people I have ever met.