Sunday, 31 March 2013


Remains Of The Day were a fairly short lived band from the world crust capital Portland OR. they only released 2 albums a split EP and an EP between  2001 & 2003 but their members went on to play in From Ashes Rise, Hellshock, Warcry and The Estranged to name but a few and were the first band to feature exceedingly prolific crust drummer Keith Testerman (aka Keet) . They were also one of the first bands to play the melodic/epic crust style music along with From Ashes Rise & Tragedy but for some reason these guys seem to be overlooked maybe it was because they weren't around very long? They were also one of the first bands to have a full time violinist in their ranks! These guys are one of those great bands like The Holy Mountain ( See post HERE) that played some really original and groundbreaking music but seem to be hardly known! I'm not gonna waste time describing this if you are a fan of the sounds of the bands I mentioned then you need this music i feel these guys played an essential part in forming the sound that has been copied time and time again by so many bands since the turn of the century.The addition of a violinist also gives an extra dramatic dimension to the music which to my mind gives a nod to post rock bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor! (Check out my post Godspeed You Black Emperor HERE)and just makes an already amazing sound even more epic! They're also not afraid to vary the pace of their songs either so it's not a constant onslaught of high speed!

So your links I have uploaded both their albums from my own CD's at 320kbps for maximum quality and enjoyment! The First album "An Underlying Frequency" Contains the album plus their self titled debut EP and 2 unreleased tracks one of which is a storming version of Naked Raygun's "Never Follow". Second album "Hanging On Rebellion" contains the album plus their side of the split EP with Keitzer and one unreleased track so with both these files you have their whole discography covered!

These guys are such a great band i hope some people will take the time to check this out these albums are just as musically accomplished and important to the sound of  modern crust as Tragedy or From Ashes Rise why they don't get the acknowledgement as the one of the innovators i have no idea! Go get em!....




  1. This is my absolute favorite metal group, and couldn't agree more: totally overlooked. Good to know there are other fans. -Micah from Cincy

    1. First comment on this long standing post so thanks Micah, yeah they were a great band and they don't get the credit they deserve for being among the first bands to play this more melodic style of crust and to use a violin as well, they are as deserving of the respect as Tragedy or From Ashes Rise (Their only contemporaries at that time) truly great band. If you haven't already you should check out Oroku their CD is uploaded on here and contains their album and EP (everything they did) and is very similar to R.O.T.D. Thanks for commenting,


      Dave B.

  2. just found this band while searching for unknown crust masterpieces, thanks for sharing your treasures
    - Michal from KoŇ°ice (Slovakia)

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