Saturday, 9 March 2013


Squandered were a short lived project that evolved out of Cracked Cop Skulls (more on those later) feat Jim Whitely (Ex Napalm Death, Filthkick, Ripcord etc) on bass & vocals and Stick from Doom on drums and someone called (ahem) "Rat" played guitar. anyway they did one studio session in 1997 of which 4 tracks were used for a split EP with Japanese Discharge worshippers Disclose, there were however 10 tracks recorded at the session and i was kind enough to receive a copy of it recently from Stick so I thought I'd share it with you guys!

What you get is 10 tracks of pure D-beat, Discharge worshipping, crusty punk! However why I've posted this and what seperates it from the pack for me is the fact that it has a very clean production and sound for this type of music and Jim has cleverly double tracked his vocals same as Cal did on Discharge's "Realities of War" debut EP (In fact track #7 "Irrevecobale" is a deadringer for "Religion Instigates" from that EP) So it's Discharge worshipping but it's a little different than the normal ripped off riffs and sound of all that stuff cos much as i love the whole D-beat thing I do find some of it to be a bit tedious and 30 years after the fact that so many bands are still ripping off early Discharge riffs, packaging and the logo...c'mon guys!plus the fact that this recording is 15 years old it kinda pre-dates the current slew of D-Cloning! It also has that undeniably British sound as well if you've been into this sorta thing a long time you will know exactly what i mean! Anyway all the info i've given you is all i have and the pic is their side of the split EP with Disclose and that's all there is so that'll be your cover for the session in the file below! Enjoy

In Order To Satisfy Your Mania For D-Beat Listen To Squandered!



  1. thank you, never heard this one before!

    1. Hey anonymous, Glad you like it i don't think the whole recording has ever been released just traded around i was lucky enough to get it from Stick Doom himself so I thought i should share for the d-beaters of the world, Thanks for commenting,


      Dave B.