Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Svart Parad

So another Swedish classic i missed out on back in the day and another band i've only found out about recently tho i have heard the name bandied about for years! This file is the "Sista Kriget" CD that was released by Finn Records in 1995 and contains all the demo's they did between 1984 and 1986 (they've no vinyl or other relases i know of except for this CD) because of the age and the era of the recordings and the fact they were probably a dirt poor band at the time the quality does suffer a bit and i was dithering about whether to post it or not however this is still classic Swedish hardcore and worthy of your attention especially for vocalist Gozzel's raw vocals (On a side note until Extreme Noise Terror came along in 1986 I always thought all the Swedish bands had the most brutal vocalists I'd heard since classic Cal (Discharge) Which I think is part of what attracted me to the Swedish stuff) It's a shame these guys never got a proper release until almost 10 years after they split as I would've ate this up back in the day (as i do now!) If you know any of the other swedish bands i've posted or like any of them already and don't have this i reccomend it HIGHLY!!! Interesting note their bass player played bass on the first Asocial EP "Der Bittra Slutet" as well!


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