Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Black Hand

OK so back in the late 90's there was a sludgy heavy hardcore band from Canada called IRE members of IRE went on to form The Black Hand members of The Black Hand went on to form Le Cobra Noir and later Cursed. However this post is about The Black Hand I mention the other bands to give you an idea how important they are in a chain of events that ended with the mighty crust juggernaut that was CURSED ! Anyway T.B.H. did a 4 track demo which sold out completelty and was eventually released on 10" & CD by Germanys excellent and now defunct Scorched Earth Policy records! From what info i can gather i think T.B.H. were really just a one off project band but encouraged by the success of the demo/10"/CD decided to do an album which, incidentally, as you can see by the above picture featured art from the amazing Away of Voivod fame who doesn't just do art for anybody! So do they live up to the hype??? Yeah they do, T.B.H. were a great band and it's a shame they only lasted an EP and an album both of which are long out of print and fairly desirable! What you get is some heavily metallic mid paced to fast crust punk with vocals that remind me a little of "If Mille from Kreator went hardcore" !!! This is great political crust punk played by guys who can really play and obviously love their metal as much as their hardcore,you can notice shades of the heavy riffs/melodic leads & pick slides that would later become the trademark of the entire "Epic" crust movement! I personally prefer the EP to the album but that may be cos i caned the 10" to death after i bought it cos i had been such a big fan of their other band IRE and it was like IRE with D-beats! Anyway i have put together a file which Features the album "War Monger" and the aforementioned demo/EP "Pulling My Strings" both ripped from my own CD's at 320kbps for maximum effect and enjoyment! If you haven't heard this band I strongly urge you to download this as it's well played and something a little different from your usual downtuned/growly/gnarly crust type stuff.

THE BLACK HAND - Mediafire

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  1. Thanks for the rips. I have both vinyls somewhere in a box in storage (moved house a year ago but unpacking takes much longer than anticipated...)