Sunday, 31 March 2013


The Dagda were an Irish band who existed from 2000 to 2006 they only did 2 albums and a split 7" with Scatha from Scotland. Their first demo cassette was also later released as a 7" not much material for a 6 year career but it shows in the high standard of the music they released. The Dagda had ex members of many well known Irish bands including Bleeding Rectum,Pink Turds in Space and Jobbykrust so with that much experience behind them you may have some idea how good this band is! They play loud, heavy and speedy crust with some great dischordant and melodic breakdowns! However they are one of those bands who are obviously influenced by hardcore especially in the vocal department going for a more anguished sorta scream ing. there are quite a few hardcore flourishes to the music as well but i still feel it's got enough of a dirty,heavy  edge to put it in the crust camp!

I've uploaded their entire discography for you first album "Threefold" is taken from my own CD rip at 320kbps. 2nd album "An Endless Betrayal" is taken from a vinyl rip and is good quality. The demo/"Blind Kings" 7" & Split 7" W/ Scatha are both also taken from vinyl rips. If any member of The Dagda come across this post for fuckssake re-issue your 2nd album on CD and tack on the EP & split as bonus!!! Or start a bandcamp page!




Talking of bandcamp ex members of The Dagda now play in a brutal deathly sludge outfit called OKUS you can listen and download a couple of the tracks from their forthcoming EP here...

*UPDATE* The OKUS album is now up for free/pay what you want download at the bandcamp link above you need to go get this album now it is an utterly punishing and fucking outstanding album go get it at the link above and show my fellow Celts some love! GOOOOO!!!!

*UPDATE 2* - I have updated the link to the "Endless Betrayal" album because a kind reader alerted me to the fact that it is available for free download on bandcamp and it's a away better quality download than my vinyl rip so go get it!


  1. The entire okus album is up for a name your price download on bandcamp . Cheers . OKUS ..

  2. Thanks guys i have got it already didn't update yet but it's a killer album! I don't suppose you'd in any way consider letting myself and my blog followers have a copy of "Endless betrayal" the demo and split with Scatha from your own source rather than vinyl because i absolutely love Dagda and I'm gutted that my copies of these are from vinyl! I'll gladly re-up them here if you can help and bring the awesome OKUS to NW England!

    Dave B.