Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Holy Mountain

Not to be confused with the Sleep album or the record label this is Florida crust masters The Holy Mountain  having consistently released one amazing record after another since 2003 I don't know why this band seem to be kinda overlooked. No one ever seems to mention them and you hardly ever see T-shirts or patches on people! I hadn't listened to these in quite a while but i was reminded of them by a friend of mine posting a video on Facebook (Nice one Gordon!) so i dug them out for a reappraissal and i'm so glad I did! The Holy Mountain are one of those great bands that comes along every so often in the crust/hardcore/whatever scene scene that really stands out for having something different to their sound! While they do utilize D-beats when they play fast they do mix other elements of hardcore and punk within their sound and are not afraid of throwing in some great melodies as well! I'm running short of descriptive terms for this kinda music that's my fault not any fault of the band I'm probably struggling as while i could compare them to other bands the truth is they don't really sound like anyone else! These guys are really great musicians and you'll find everything from barrelling fast D-beat to hardcore to epic breakdowns,great melodies and the occassional bit of widdly lead guitar work in their music and sometimes all in one song!This also means you can listyen to them a lot and never get bored! These guys are by far one of the most original bands within the political harcore/crust scene and why they aren't at the top of the pile and being lauded by everyone as great i just don't understand. So i decided it was time someobody spread the word so i uploaded their entire discography for you!

Firstly there is the compilation  "Bloodstains Across Your Face In Decline" which contains their debut EP their 1st 12" and a coupla bonus tracks. The1st album "Entrails" and the "Enemies" & Here Is No Exit" 12"'s
Then I've compiled all their 7"'s and split 7"'s into one file called EP's this contains their"Wrath" EP & their sides of split EP's with Le Cobra Noir, Black Tusk, Cave Canem and the split 5" single with Deathcycle

That's everything up to date, I've rushed this post a little but if you want a more detailed look at their discography go here...

all the files are taken from direct downloads or CD's so the quality is all great. Go check out this awesome overlooked band....






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