Thursday, 25 April 2013


This was shared to me by my best mate and fellow Black Flag fan Mark McD. As some of you may be aware there are 2 current Black flag reunions going on at the moment the "Actual" Black Flag who are touring and recording a new album featuring founding member Greg Ginn and "Jealous Again" Era vocalist Ron Reyes (aka Chavo Pederast) However there is another project under the name of FLAG featuring no less than 4 ex- members of Black Flag and is a far more relevant project in my mind. In Flag you have Dez Cadena on Guitar & Vocals (Black Flag Vocalist from 80 - 81 and guitarist till 83) Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Off & original Black Flag Vocalist) on Vocals, Chuck Dukowski (Founder member of Black Flag & ex Head of SST) on Bass And Bill Stevenson (Descendents, ALL Only Crime & Black Flag drummer from 1983 - 1985) on Drums and Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) taking Ginn's place on guitar. So you tell me which project you think is a more relevant project?? Bitter old fucking cock Greg Ginn's thing which has himself and a vocalist who sung on ONE Black Flag record or FLAG who have members who contributed to every era of Black Flag from their inception to their demise. Black Flag may have been started by Ginn and he may have been the only member to play on every record and live show but i really think his version of Black Flag is doomed to failure in the shadow of the fucking monster that is FLAG!!!

So I present for you here a full live set from FLAG Live at Redondondo beach Moose Lodge No. 1873 no date given but I think it's from this year, Black Flag fans judge for yourself tho the material they play with the exception of "My War" is nearly all taken from the pre- "Damaged" era Black Flag considering these guys must all be in their mid - 50's at least this is a blistering set that shows akll these young fucking upstart punk bands the REAL deal! Don't make the mistake of not watching this all the way through as Dez lays down the guitar and takes the mic for some songs near the end! Seeing this made me grin from ear to ear in utter delight it is the best thing to happen for me musically this year so far!

If Greg Ginn watched this as i'm sure he must have I'm guessing he probably just wen "Ahhh Fuck" in sheer downtrodden misery as my friend Mark McD said re: this video & Greg Ginn "Go back to soldering your transistors you fuck" Genius!!! ENJOY!

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