Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Le Kraken

Le Kraken (Or simply Kraken) are a French Canadian band dealing in some pretty darn heavy punishing music. They seem to be most involved with the "Crust" scene having been produced by Brad Boatright (Audiosige label/studio/From Ashes Rise see my post HERE ) and have political lyrics however these guys fit more snugly beside the likes of Fall of Efrafa and Snowblood I posted before. They are heavy and mostly mid paced to slow with quite complex song structures whilst definitely not complex like Math metal  they certainly can play their instruments and write great songs and have a real good grasp of dynamics! Sometimes this kinda music tends to meander over epic length songs (which i don't mind if it's done well) which is a trap that these guys haven't fallen into their songs range from 2 mins at the shortest to 4 and a 1/2 mins at the longest this does not mean they don't pack plenty into one song they just do it quickly! There's plenty of nicely done melodies and crushing heavy riffs along with quieter parts, shit i'm running out of descriptions again here, If you like the sorta post metal (as i call it) sound of bands like Isis, Cult Of Luna, Kowloon Walled City etc but are also a fan of the more well played modern crust like Autarch, A New Dawn, Martyrdod etc then this shit is most definitely for you, a good and original blend of the styles and because there's nothing of "epic" length on any of their releases it doesn't get boring and keeps your interest and is definitely memorable!

So I've done you all their releases to date their debut self released/self titled EP which is quite rare both to download or buy, their debut album "Exalt" (pictured above) plus their latest 12" "Exil" which only came out this year the latter two of these are available free to download with the bands approval from Moshpit tragedy/Audiosiege but as i said the debut EP is hard to find lucky for you folks i have it on CD, i like them enough to upload them myself for you so the links below are mine and also the albums can be quite hard to come by in the UK so I thought I'd give you them free but I'm sure you will want to buy the originals once you hear this fucking amazing band!

Le Kraken EPMediafire



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