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Sticking with the Japanese crust metal theme i bring you the modern torch bearers of the sound cemented by S.D.S., Crow, A.G.E. & Effigy..... ACROSTIX info is scarce but what I do know is they have been around since 2004 and are still going at the moment they have a facebook page and I've seen updates involving live appearances recently and their first album only came out in 2011 so I'm guessing this is a fairly contemporary post for a change! So I discovered these from the "Amebix Japan" comp (see my post HERE ) as they have the first 2 tracks on the album and i was impressed with their run through the Amebix tunes and sought out their stuff, I was not dissapointed. If you read the Effigy post (HERE) then most of that description also applies to Acrostix  however where Effigy were out and out crust metal from the start in my mind Acrostix started out witth more heavily Amebix type sound with feet firmly planted on the more punk side of the crust/metal fence but have progressed towards a faster more metallic sound these days because there is quite a difference between their first couple of releases and the album from 2011! However this is all natural progression I have the discography in my media player set up chronologically and the whole set of their reords just flow fucking nicely! I hate to keep labouring the same old influences Amebix, Antisect,Sacrilege etc but these are the BIG 3 influences for any band playing mettallic edged crust and are just common reference points so that old heads with a vast knowledge of  the music I post will get it instantly but folk who might be a bit newer to the music can come to this blog and get an idea what the bands are about musically! So enough waffle here's what you get in first file "ACROSTIX EP's" you get....

Split LP W/ Contrast Attitude

(A Chain Of) Hatred 12"

Truth Turned Grey With Justice EP

Second File is "Dear Daily Life" which is their debut album

And that's all The Acrostix there is so far, the metal influence is prevalent throughout the back catlog so far but as i said it goes from the more hardcore/punk with metal & Amebix influences and starts moving into fast d-beat, full on metal/crust as they progress and not one of their releases isn't utterly blistering! A great discovery as normally i find a lot of the Japanese bands take their influences too seriously (see Disclose or Zoe for examples) and become a parody of the music they are trying to ape rather than take the influences and make something entirely their own, Acrostix definitely fall into the latter category!
The files are taken from various sources all vinyl rips apart from "Dear Daily Life" all at varying bitrates but none of it is poor quality the "(A Chain Of) Hatred" 12" is a bit quiet but the quality is there just turn it up!
So there ya go more ripping Japanese metallic crust fucking awesome stuff go check em out...

ACROSTIX EP'sMediafire


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