Sunday, 5 May 2013

AMEBIX (But Not Quite)

Amebix are one of my all time favourite bands, I was excited as anyone about their reformation and their latest album "Sonic Mass" was not a dissapointment even if it was vastly different than their previous releases it was still undeniably Amebix! However they are such nice guys and such a great band that I really felt that with them being recently reformed and more new fans showing an interest in their back caralog that I didn't want to post any of their albums on here as they are easily available elsewhere on the net and I don't want to jeaprodise future Amebix releases by uploading the back catlog here. But i did think some sort of Amebix tribute was in order for my blog so what better way to pay tribute to such a great band than by posting some tributes!

So First up is "Amebix Japan". Released in 2005 this is a 12 Track compilation featuring 2 Amebix covers each by Acrostix, Effigy, Raw Gauge, A.G.E., LIFE & Zoe, Now if you know Amebix you will know what to expect and these bands are the absolute cream of Japanese Crust Metal and by far the most appropriate bands to cover songs by these legends, if you like Amebix this is essential listening some straight ahead no messing covers but with each one treated with bands own contemporary dark, heavy and metallic sound. My only gripe would be that the Japanese pronunciations of the English lyrics are a little painful at times which makes me think that they should have sung them in their own language which would have been way cool but my minor niggle aside this is still an utterly great comp of some crushing dark metallic crust versions of Amebix standards!

Next up we have "Amebix Bakans"  from 2012 a European tribute to Amebix this contains 8 tracks, 1 each from Johann Wolfgang Pozoj, Panikos, Hellstorm, Son Of Nothing, True, Terrarium, Motherpig & MOR now apart from Hellstorm i have NEVER heard of the other 7 bands/artists however this is a great compilation and vastly different from "Amebix Japan" in the fact that the covers chosen here are of the less popular and more obscure of Amebix's back catalog, for example Panikos chose to cover "Beyond the Sun" a track from Amebix final demo Post - "Monolith" which was only released with the reissue of "Arise" in 2000 also Johann Wolfgang Pozoj chose to cover "The Moor" the spooky intro from the "Arise" album,versions of "Largactyl" & "Winter" close the album the former retitled as "Promazin" bringing it more up to date and appears to be sung in a mix of English and the bands native language and the latter Being retitled as "Zima" and again sung in the bands native language and for me this "Balkans" tribute is all the better for this as i said the song selection is relatively obscure and the bands putting their own stamp on the originals and some of them being sung in their respective native languages just makes this a really brilliant comp and a worthy tribute!

Lastly we have a little fun EP I put together for you which i've called "Amebix UK" (!) This is just 5 Amebix covers I had from bands EP's/Albums/ bonus tracks which fitted this post so i put them together and retagged them and added a cover What you get are Extinction Of Mankinds "Arise" & "Sunshine Ward" Plus death metallers Warlord UK doing "Chain Reaction" & " Nobody's Driving" and Benediction doing their death metal thing on "Largatyl" All of the 5 tracks are really great versions and fitted this post nicely i wouldn't have put them up if they weren't worthy tributes to one of my favourite bands.

So there you Go A tribute to one of the most original bands of the original 80's anarcho/punk era their music and artwork style are almost as copied as Crass's is and with such a small back catalogue spanning a fairly short period to spawn 2 tribute albums and having been covered to death and held in such high esteem says so much for the originality and utter brilliance of Amebix check these out and go buy yourself all 3 original Amebix CD's and the new one "Sonic Mass" a better use of your cash i cannot think of....

Amebix JapanMediafire

Amebix BalkansMediafire

Amebix UKMediafire

And as a bonus here is the OUTSTANDING Amebix documentary - "Risen" from 2009 featuring great exclusive new and old interviews with all former band members and other people from the scene at the time plus some great live performances and tributes from bands for whom Amebix is more than just a musical influence I.E. a huge interview with Scott Kelly & Steve Von Till of Neurosis. It's an utterly brilliant watch I've watched it NUMEROUS times!



  1. 'Risen' is a great documentary, I've watched it quite a few times now and it's always fascinating. Sonic Mass was definitely a big change but a nice comeback nonetheless.

    I've only really heard the Japanese tribute record so i'm looking forward to listening to the other 2-particularly the UK one.

  2. Yeah "Risen" Is great and all the better for the fact it's such a well done documentary for a relatively small band I wish more people would invest some time and energy in doing more stuff like this on lesser known bands as diocumentaries of this quality are usually reserved for stadium size bands, My only slight niggle with it is that even tho Neurosis are my favourite (contemporary) band the docu makers use a lot of Neurosis music on there and I think they should have used more Amebix! The Balkans tribute is great as i said in my blurb the UK one is just something i stuck together to add a little unique-ness to the post but the 5 covers on there are all great version, Thanks for the comment again Tyler and enjoy,

    Dave B.