Saturday, 4 May 2013


Axewield are a Japanese metallic crust band featuring Ex members of the mighty Effigy (If you don't know Effigy watch out for a post sometime (Effigy post is up now find it HERE) They have only done a 12" and a CDEP (Which i think is their demo) but between them you get 9 tracks of absolutely flawless well produced and great sounding metallic crust the CDEP & 12" don't differ that much in sound so really it's pretty much like a full album of material! I know nothing of the history of the band other than what I've told you and other than the description above there's really not much more i can tell you. there's a lot of bands that do this sort of mid paced heavy metallic crust but these guys definitely stand ahead of the pack and the fact that they are Japanese and the CDEP is virtually impossible to get hold of (The 12" less so) and because anything hardcore/punk/crust related that's Japanese ALWAYS commands exorbitante prices i thought it was a shame that maybe not as many people as there should be would get to hear this amazing music.

Both releases are in one file and what they are is "Widom of Doom" 12" and "War Machine" CDEP both from 2010 when you unzip the file they are in seperate folders and tagged properly with artwork enclosed. 9 tracks of fucking great music go get em......


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