Saturday, 4 May 2013

Corrections House

Corrections House have been doing the rounds for a while now if you didn't know they are a bit of a super group featuring Scott Kelly Of Neurosis, Mike XI Williams of Eyehategod, Bruce Lamont From Yakuza, and Sanford Parker of Minsk & Nachmsyticum, They have been touring and building a bit of a name for themselves over the last year or so, so their debut recording was highly anticipated by many who saw the live shows and said they were utterly amazing. So Earlier this year they released a 2 track 7" and apparently they have an album to follow. Once again a band I am very interested in but a fucking vinyl only release so I managed to find a copy for download on the net and decided to upload it for you lucky people.
So does it just sound like a sum of it's parts or does it live up to the stellar reputations of the individual members other works? Well I'll say it most definitely is different fro anything I've heard any of these guys do. This falls very squarely into the "Industrial / Experimental" category in my mind without being to out there or hard work to get into however theres enough guitar to keep any fans of the members other bands interested. You get two tracks which have a feel of say Neurosis weirder passages and interludes they have at the beginning and ends of songs on the earler albums like "Enemy Of The Sun"  mixed with a healthy dose of someone like Godflesh especially in the precise triggered machine percussion, with mostly sorta half spoken/Half shouted distorted/effected vocals and lot's of eerie keyboard backing. I think tho it definetly sounds like something from the late 80's/early 90's when everyone was lapping up bands like Godflesh and Pitch Shifter it somehow has enough of a contemporary edge to not fall into retro-industrial boredom! Anyway it's only 2 tracks 10 minutes of music so it won't take you more than 15 - 20 mins to download/extract/listen to the whole thing and decide for yourself. I think it's really good myself the music seems to build an atmosphere and a dynamic that's familiar but also quite new and refreshing!

This is someones vinyl rip of the single but it's really good quality I've listened to it half a dozen times already so if it was shit quality i would've had a scan and ditched it! So well worth you're checking out as I only found one link for it on google but I've uploaded this to my own account to make sure it stays available for a while, Go check out this new and interesting band especially if like me you like those Industrial sounds I mention above.Great stuff.

Corrections House 7"Mediafire

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