Sunday, 5 May 2013

Effigy (Japan)

So in the Axeweild post I mentioned they were Ex - Members of Effigy and I would do a post on them soon but i thought why not now!!! Effigy were a Japanese crust metal band who existed from 1999 - 2004 and were loved by pretty much every crust fan around myself included! Unfortunately even tho they were around for 5 years their discography is shockingly small, amounting to a mere 14 tracks over a 12" EP an 7" and 3 Split EP's, however it's quality not quantity and this music is certainly HIGH quality, the pic i used above says "Apocalyptic metal" and that's pretty apt! Take the usual crust metal influences like Sacrilege, Antisect, Amebix and add a healthy dash of the more acceptable metal bands for crusties to like as in Celtic Frost, Hellhammer,Slayer,Venom, Slaughter etc mash it all together within a tight well played framework and you have Effigy! I hear mainly the former crust metal type bands like Antisect etc in their sound but all tho they have all the hallmarks of these type of bands y'know epic acoustic parts, apocalyptic builds etc theres definitely as much metal as there is crust in their music! plus you have the dual brutal vocal howls of Masuda & Matsumoto over the top of this crushingly heavy music making for one utterly ripping sound!
I find it hard to do blurbs on bands who I don't know much about other than the technical stuff like what they released etc and as with most japanese bands info is quite scarce so what I've said above pretty much sums it up!
Onto your file so there is only one file here because at only 84mb I figured it wasn't much more than an album size file anyway so why split it up as you NEED all of their stuff! so here's what's in the file....

"Evil Fragments" 12"

"The Falling Clouds" (Split EP W/ Häväistys)

"From Hell (Grinding Metal Massacre)" 7"

"USA Meets Japan" (Split W/ Hellshock)

"We Knows Our Guilty" (Split W/ Aparat)

"Amebix Japan" Comp Tracks

I do not own any of these because they are highly sought after records and only the "Evil Fragments" EP and the split EP W/ Hellshock are available on CD so these are taken from downloads I've had for years in the computer from various sources and varying bitrates but I think maybe most of my Effigy stuff is from vinyl rips however the quality is decent and this is crusty metal if you want sparkling pristine production go buy a major label album! And also who else but me would take the time to round up the Effigy discography for you in one fell swoop and as you should know by now i don't post things if the quality isn't good no matter how great the band or music might be.
Anyway go and check out this most mighty of the many mighty Japanese crust metal bands and see why I bothered to put it up, this is fucking raging crust with the best of metal rifferama all over it if you like the heavier stuff I post but don't like this there's something wrong with your hearing! Trust me a pure BEAST of a discography awaits you below....


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