Sunday, 5 May 2013

Requested 1

So a regular commenter/user of this blog actually made some requests (Thanks Tyler) I was only able to honour 3 of them but I hope this shows people that if you request stuff I WILL put it up if I have it....

So What you have here is Sweden's legendary Really Fast Records compilations Really Fast Vol 1 & 3 I'm not gonna do a big blurb on these except to say that Really Fast comps are a fucking goldmine of early Swedish Hardcore and Punk these 2 comps contain tracks By Anti Cimex, Discard, Raped Teenagers, Svart Parad, Dom Dar amongst many others if anyone has VOL 2 or any others in the series please contact me on this Blog I'd love to have them. Anyway heres 1 & 3 in the series 61 tracks off 4 sides of vinyl, short fast & loud is the remit here get em now!

Really Fast Vol 1 - Mediafire

Really Fast Vol 3 - Mediafire

Next Up we have Napalm Death : "From Enslavement To Obliteration" Demo from 1986 This features the classic "Original" Napalm Death line up of Justin Broadrick On guitar, Nik Bullen on Bass & Vocals and Mick Harris on drums. Of the 13 Tracks 8 were re-recorded for Side A of "Scum" however this demo whilst extreme for the time and fast was nowhere near the brutal blur of "Scum"! This has a more Hardcore sound (Think Siege) albeit with a slightly more slack and crusty feel to it! If it wasn't for the High Speed of some of the songs you could almost call this "Crust"  It's a shame this demo isn't better quality but it's definitely worth a listen a piece of Grindcore History!

Napalm Death FETO DemoMediafire

So There ya go ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE (Or as best I can provide anyway) Hope you enjoy the tunes Tyler & everyone else!

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