Thursday, 27 June 2013


Right just a quick one for you here simply because i only discovered this band about 3 days ago! A youtube video appeared on my facebook page I'm glad i didn't just skim past it because these guys are fucking great! Having only released a 7" in 2011 and a 12" last year these are obviously quite new so there's not much material but however in this case it's quality not quantity!

I've given you both the S/T EP and the "Lake Of Misery" 12" the EP is great but it's on the 12" that these guys really shine I'm not gonna make loads of comparisons here but if you have enjoyed any of my posts on bands like Wolfbeast Destroyer (HERE) Burning The Prospect (HERE) or Misantropic (HERE) then this is beyond essential for you this is super thick, heavy and blisteringly brutal crust with nasty vocals, heavy guitars ,fast D-beats,double bass drums and occasional blast beats now normally i don't go for stuff that uses blast beats but here they are used with a real feel for dynamics and do not dominate the music it's mostly fast D-beat and the use of the blasts works well in just upping the intensity of the songs and in this case really work WELL and give the band a slight edge in their sound that makes them more than just A.N.Other heavy crust band.

Here's your file containing both the EP & 12" both are 320kbps and i suspect taken from downloads and not vinyl rips. This will utterly tear your head off this is the most intense stuff  I've heard since the bands i mentioned above and they would certainly fit perfectly on a live bill with any of them.. GO!!!!


CORRECTION - Unrest are actually from Munster Germany and NOT Sweden as i originally said Sorry folks i did say i'd just discovered them! post and heading corrected!!


  1. Sweden rules the roost when it cums to d-beats being produced, all the rest are just cocks... not really, just trolling some.
    Uk got some halfdecent bands too:) the classic first and second era of total d-beat grinding-destruction.... Discharge and E.N.T, Varukers and Doom, Sedition and E.O.W.
    Sore Throat, Raw Noise and Hellkrusher...

    1. Yeah Random I agree on Sweden being the undisputed kings of the D-beat/KANG! however you should check out Squandered, Cracked Cop skulls, Afterbirth, Ruin, Skiplickers, The Dischargers (Hellbastard side project) War All The Time and Thisclose all masters of the D-beat DESTRUCTION all of them are from the UK and that's just to mention a few! If you would like any links to any of these or would like me to post them on here let me know you can get Thisclose and Skiplickers free off you can pick up Cracked Cop Skulls and Squndered on this very blog the rest can be posted upon request!,

      Cheers Random,

      Dave B.

  2. RANDOM:- Apologies UNREST are from Munster Germany not SWEDEN my mistake just found out now! But they sure as shit sound like they are Swedish!


    Dave B.