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I picked this up from Moshpit Tragedy's site free, however i can't find the link now so I'm uploading it myself. From Asheville, NC. USA these guys  fall into the Heavy guitars/melodic leads/fast D-beat drums style but there are only 4 tracks on this and it clocks in at fairly hefty 20 minutes, opening track "Kings" is a near 8 minute epic! They show a skill in structuring their songs that I would say means they are influenced by a lot more than just their contemporaries and goes well beyond what you'd expect from this type of band, This was mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at his Audioseige studios and originally available through his Audioseige label for download, if that's not a seal of approval for anyone into this kinda stuff i don't know what is! I expect them to be picked up for an album pretty swiftly as Moshpit Tragedy posted on farcebook that this demo had been downloaded a "whopping 906 times in a month"  I played the demo a couple of times after downloading it and I immediately contacted the band and bought the CD it's really THAT good think  these guys are gonna be pretty big soon!

1st CDMediafire

So as this is an updated post I shall continue... Autarch recently released a new EP/Album (33 mins long is it an EP or an album??) anyway it's called "The Death Of Actiacus" (Actiacus being the surname of the Greek god Appolo apparently) It's available free from bandcamp but as the other EP above has been taken off there i decided I would upload them both for you guys myself! This 2nd release doesn't show a great deal of progression from the first but seeing as these guys are so fucking good I think that it doesn't matter everything I said about the first EP applies again here 5 tracks and again in the epic crust style the production isn't as thick on this one so it doesn't have as heavy a sound but that doesn't mean it's not still bulldozing it is still heavy and fast but the sound is all round cleaner but in a good way giving them a slightly more Hardcore edge than the 1st but it's still raging and intense! if you liked the first EP there's no way you wouldn't like this one! An utterly great band someone give them some money for a debut LP for fucksake!

2nd CDMediafire

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