Monday, 22 July 2013


So here we have a request from one of the users of the blog if you go to my post on classic 80's Swedish hardore or "KANG" punk HERE you'll find a little more info on Discard and the Swedish scene but as far as information goes there's not too much i can say about this band they did a demo in 1986 that was released as an EP in 1990 and they featured members of  Mob 47, Protes Bengt Desperat Agoni and the guitarist played on the first General Surgery Demo!! They did an album "Four Minutes Past midnight" in 1994 which was not so well received as the demo/EP but is still solid D-beat!
The Album, EP and a load of cof comp tracks and other bits are all collected here on this bootleg CD the quality wavers from decent to half decent but it WAS requested so I've put it up here's where they are sourced from....

1-15 Taken from "Four Minutes Past Midnight" album LP/CD
16-26 Taken from "V/A Stockholm's Mangel" tape, "Death From Above" 7"EP and "V/A Really Fast Vol.3 LP"
17-38 Taken from "Sound Of War" demo tape
39 Taken from "Rehearsal" tape

So that's it not much more to say here's 79 minutes of classic raw Swedish D-beat from one of the originators, Enjoy!

To The Requester.. Kuken all the Discard tracks from the split you requested are on this CD.

DISCARD - Mediafire

As this was a request and I'm not sure how many people want it I've uploaded to zippyshare so get it while it's hot folks (any latecomers finding link to be dead comment and I'll re-UP)


  1. Great thanks, the full length has actually grown on me since the "Hate-Days", stuff is kicking more ass than most bands did AND do nowadays! Talking about Agoni/Agony, their LP ( The First Defiance) seems to be pretty easy to find on the www but their demos (metal years) i can't find anywhere!

    Agony - The Future Is Ours Demo 1985
    Agony - Execution of Mankind Demo 1986
    Agony - MFN Demo 1986

    Anything you could help out with??

  2. sorry man i don't have any of those Agony demos I never liked their metal stuff either, so I'm afraid I can't help, Glad you like the Discard stuff tho.


    Dave B.