Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I kept getting recommended Belgium's Visions of War on Facebook and a few of my friends with good taste "liked" them on there however with a name lifted straight off a Discharge song and with what you'd call typical crust imagery I kept ignoring them. As much as I'm a fan of Discharge and I do occasionally like some of these D-Beat Discharge clone bands the whole Discharge clone thing was getting pathetic ten years ago and now it seems like a bad joke! but one day i was looking for something new to listen to and decided to give Visions Of War a try and I'm glad i did. These guys have had several Split EP's and 12"'s etc however the majority of them are fairly poor recordings and pretty average noisy crusty punk but out of the 6 things I downloaded 1 of them really hit the nail on the head this was the "Shit Parade" 12" from 2011. Now it seems like although they have been going since 2001 that their releases have been few and far between it was 6 years between their last release and the "Shit Parade" 12" from 2011! Anyway The "Shit Parade" 12" is an absolutely blistering listen what you get on there are 9 tracks of super thick and heavy guitars fast d-beats and utterly brutal dual vocals! There isn't much new here really but these guys do it with a ferocity and style that really grabs my attention i think it's probably the thick and heavy guitar sound that grabs me on this release and I'm hoping it is something they will carry through to their forthcoming LP "King Of Swines" which will be their debut album after 11 years!!! Anyway if you listen to any of the "crust" stuff I put up here you'll know what kinda thing to expect! I'm lacking the descriptive terms for this stuff these days so I'm relying on you people to know what kind of thing I put up and try things out on the strength of that and you know i wouldn't bother putting it up if it wasn't something EXTRA good! Trust me this 12" will not disappoint it's fucking RIPPING!!

V.O.W. - Shitparade 12"Mediafire

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