Monday, 15 July 2013


So In the spirit of trying to be up to date here's a link to the 2013 demo by Australian crust metallers ExtinctExist I just downloaded this demo half an hour ago that's how quick on the fucking draw i am! So as this is a new band and new to me i can't tell you much about them except they are a 5 piece heavy metallic crust band from Australia! 4 tracks in 15 minutes the production on this demo is OUTSTANDING it's absolutely crystal clear! Everything is clear and loud in the mix and the twin guitar attack has a serious fucking crunch to it,a tight and great rhythm section all topped with some seriously anguished vocals! Along with the great sound these guys can REALLY play there's some excellent lead work in amongst the barrelling fast d-beat crust and the metallic breakdowns! This has shades of all the greats in here Effigy, Sacrilege, Antisect, After the Bombs, Nausea etc etc and it reminds me a little of some of the newer crust bands like Wartorn tho it's in  no way derivative of any of them and for once this doesn't fall into the "Epic" crust trap it's solid, well played, memorable and above all pretty original, the lead work definitely falls on the metallic and not the melodic side of things and all in all this is one seriously brutal and seriously accomplished effort! I am staggered by the utter professionalism and tightness of this band and considering it's a first demo this is way better than some bands with a few releases and tours behind them! I am gonna be watching these guys closely because this is one of the best things crust-wise I've heard this year so far the demo is free/pay what you want download or you can buy a cassette from them along with various other merch! Do not be shy about going to Bandcamp for this because if you know this blog you know i will only post crusty stuff of the highest quality and these guys most definitely fall into that category! This will tear your head off Can't wait for more get it here and also buy a t-shirt or something as well!

Extinct Exist DemoBandcamp

They also have their own blogspot with writings,lyrics,pics etc here as i said i only discovered these today and less than an hr ago so i haven't had time to read their blog yet but it looks pretty cool find it here...

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  1. Some of the guys have played in Pisschrist, ABC Weapons and Schifosi among others