Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Skitvärld LIVE (featuring your Editor)

So been a while since I've been on here simply because I'm finding music a little uninspiring at the moment and have been busy with family and also with playing in a band!

Skitvärld are a band from Liverpool who I became friends with on facebook feat an ex member of hardcore crazies Dr Aids and a current Member of doomsters Lazarus Blackstar! These guys play some blistering 80's Scandinavian influenced punk fucking rock! Mid their drummer injured his hand in a fight with an electric breadknife and a loaf of tigerbread! Having a couple of gigs booked, one of which was their first live appearance, I was asked to step up and fill in for poor Mid on drums! Haven't played drums for 8 years but seeing as how there were 3 other bands playing one being Liverpool crust juggernaut Aüralskit (Get there fucking AWESOME demo Free HERE) who are also friends of mine as well and also playing their first gig i figured i didn't want to spoil everyone's fun by saying no! So attended 1st practice with them and it went awful! I was out of shape and badly out of practice however 2nd practice went much better and the gig better still! so for some fun here's a couple of very decent (by youtube live vids standard) of Skitvärld live at the Pilgrim Pub Liverpool 19/9/13 watch out for these guys they are recording soon and the demo is gonna fucking kill!

(Unfortunately for some reason I can't get them to embed so here's the video links....)

Skitvarld Live 1: Homage

Skitvarld Live 2: System Fail, System Shit

Skitvarld Live 3: Council Estate Bull Terrier

*NOTE* If anyone can identify the guy in the white polo shirt "violating" poor Andy Skitvarld here in the above pics please get in touch as he has become a bit of an legendary figure of this gig!


  1. Can't wait for the demo, Skitvärld were funny to watch and you did really well. Did you leave after your set? VR & Nu, Pogodi were brutal.

  2. Yeah tyler had to go unfortunately! There is a bit of a msystery surrounding an event at the Skitvarld gig you don't have any idea who the guy in the white polo top that "mounted" our singer at the end was do ya (see Pic Above) ? we're trying to find out!

  3. Squeal like a piggy weeeeeeee

  4. Not for any "Sinister" reason just because he doesn't look like a typical fan of this kinda stuff plus no one we know knows him and it appears he was on his own so we're just curious to solve the mystery!