Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ok now before you dismiss this band because of their name I highly recommend that you read on here... Firstly despite the "Dis-" in the name this is not more Discharge cloning D-beat material here and I have heard a story that these Japanese fellows when asked did not know what a "turd" was but if you think of the amount of bands who have the Swedish for shit "skit" in their name then you can forgive these guys for the choice of name?!

I cannot really tell you much about these guys as with all Japanese crust bands there's very little or no information available on them I was lucky that a friend posted a youtube video up on my page and I was blown away and managed to find downloads of Both their EP's and their 2 track cassette!

What i can tell you is this is some heavy, ripping, Antisect worshipping Japanese crust the sheer brilliance of these EP's cannot be understated and after sharing the video on facebook the amount of my f/b friends who were blown away just confirms that these guys need way more attention than they are getting! This is some well considered and heavy stuff with great use of dynamics which shows these guys really know what they are doing, these guys are easily as good if not better at this spectacular Japanese metallic crust as any of their contemporaries llike Effigy, Axewield, Acrostix, AGE, Contrast Attitude etc. Whilst there is most definitely a later Antisect vibe to their music as well it's not just mere cloning but these guys sound and riffs are just punishing and make me want to just wreck shit every time i listen to them!

What information i have gathered from the net is they have 2  EP's , "Isolation" from 2011 and "Collapse" from 2012 also a 2 track cassette called "Studio trax" also from 2012 so my hope is that 2 of the releases being only a year old that these guys are still going and we'll hear more from them soon! so I've taken all of them and bundled them in one file for you! Now I have to warn you the "Isolation" EP & the cassette aren't amazing quality but "Collapse" EP is slightly better however these are vinyl rips of fucking slaying japanese metal crust if you wanted sparkling quality you'd be off listening to something else eh?

Go get these now I 100% guarantee your satisfaction these guys were an utter revelation to me and I'm so fuckin happy i got on to them I'm sure you will be too!


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