Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Infernöh are the latest in a long line of utterly amazing crust bands from Sweden I dunno what they put in the water over there or maybe it's the bleak weather but whatever it is there's definitely something that's creating this endless line of completely amazing bands!

It would appear that these guys have been going since around 2011 but I have only just got onto them in the last month or so since I found out i was gonna be playing with Skitvarld on the same day as them on Sunday 20th of Oct at the mighty Means To An End Festival in Leeds (Check that out HERE )

I was totally impressed with these guys because although they have contemporary production and sound throughout their releases these guys play a completely RAGING blend of old school and new school Swedish crust  with more than a slight nod to Motorhead in there as well. I have put up both their 12" EP's and their demo here which is everything they have done except a split 7" with Effluxus which i can't find. But although they are all good the pick of the bunch for me is their "7 Spår" 12" from this year which is just amazing,the great production and brutal sound is topped by a brilliant vocalist who sounds like he could have come from any great Swedish Kang Punk from the early/Mid 80's and the blown out crust meets Motorhead of opening track "Vi Tittar På " just sets you up nicely for the rest of this absolutely slaying EP!

All of the releases i present here are great quality and all of them are top fucking notch even tho i singled out the "7 Spår" 12" for praise there's nothing on there that is that much better than the rest of their stuff it's all 100% top of their game stuff! Tight, Fast and utterly full of menace and anger! Again i can't believe i slept on these guys I'm guessing i confused them with the old hardcore band Inferno from Germany! Big mistake!!! Anyway go check em out then spend half an hour picking your jaw up off the floor these guys are really THAT good!

You can get more info on the band at their blogspot here.....


War Tjard 12" - Mediafire

7 Spår 12"Mediafire


*UPDATE* - Managed to find a download of their split EP With Effluxus so here it is making this a discography to date of this great Swedish Band...

Split EP W/ EffluxusMediafire

*UPDATE II* Me ol' mucker Agz of Punk As Fuck 77 not 666 blog sent me the just released Infernöh split W/ Nomad (he has also very kindly ripped a couple of  Infernöh live sets at his blog go get those  HERE )so here ya go folks 3 new RAWPUNK Infernöh ragers! I will continue to update this post whenever there's any new Infernöh tunes to be had!

Split EP W/ NomadMediafire


  1. Do a korsfast blog mate sent you a link ain't I?

    1. done today mate fucking ripping 12" thanks!