Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Probably one of the most anticipated Swedish punk releases in some time here we have Korsfäst and it's no wonder most fans of classic Swedish råpunk.have been fucking dying for this band to release something considering there are 2 members of Driller Killer and Åke Henriksson  from the mighty Mob 47 in this band!

"Huvuden Borde Rulla..." is their debut 12" and whilst even veterans of the Swedish scene go for a more crisp cleaner heavier sound & production these days these guys have managed to release a record that whilst well produced could have easily been released in 1984, This is fucking raw,ragged,fast and nasty and is just totally classic! I was pretty fucking shocked when I heard this for the first time this morning (Cheers Lord Agz av Skit!!) I had expected these guys to go for that slicker modern sound with their debut but it was a damn pleasant shock that they hadn't!

There is no point in describing this sound because it either drives you insane like it does me and you would've already started downloading this when you read "Åke Henriksson  from the mighty Mob 47" in the first paragraph or you may be too young to understand the excitement over this kind of stuff  (no disrespect to any younger folks) However these guys are fucking utterly ripping in the finest tradition of 80's Sweden if you can't get enough of shit like Mob 47, Early Anti Cimex, Asocial, Discard etc and wish there were more bands like that around these days then this is the shit you have been waiting for folks I cannot stress enough how retro this actually is but with a decent production and quality of sound (as in NOT 10th generation worn out tape bootlegged on a 7" 15 years later quality!) Really happy to see some serious originators of this sound bringing it back in 2013 there's some great and amazing bands coming out of Sweden as you know if you visit this blog regularly but it's just so fuckin brilliant to see some of the originators of the sound create a total masterpiece like this in 2013! what the hell are you waiting for... GET IT!

Korsfäst 12"Mediafire

If you fancy a bit of history behind this sound go check out my "Hail to Sweden" post HERE and the Mob 47 post HERE and if you nose around the posts from March you will find more classic Swedish punk from Disarm, Svart Parad and No Security on here as well!

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