Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Vitriolic Response

Vitriolic Response were a new band to me until mere weeks ago, tho I had heard the name I had never actually heard them, when i heard we (Skitvarld) were playing with them at the Pilgrim (see post HERE ) I thought I'd check em out I was all over the net for ages looking for their one and only EP and i could not find it anywhere to download so after the gig I contacted them and Dee Fekt McCrust (their drummer) was kind enough to send me a copy on CD so I thought I'd rectify the lack of Vitriolic Response music on the net (with the permission of the band, thanks guys)

As I said VR were new to me and unfortunately i only caught the beginning of their set at the Pilgrim however upon receiving the CD/EP I was totally blown away! Here's a band taking the "crust" template and doing something different with it. What I like about VR is the fact that whilst being heavy and agressive their sound has a hardcore edge to it whilst they could have easily followed the usual dirty,heavy,grungy crust sound this EP is surprisingly "clean" sounding whilst still managing to have a good bottom end to it in the right places, There's also some very slight nods to classic Anarcho Punk in there as well which along with the great drumming (which to my ears is NOT relying on the D-beat for once) and the fact they really play well together as a unit as well and the songs are tight, fast and memorable and there's some good use of clever samples on there too which is not exactly a new thing but works well with the songs here and altogether these elements make a great EP.

VR remind me a lot of the great political hardcore & crust of the mid/Late 90's the kinda stuff that Sned was putting out on Flat earth back then but with a bang up to date take on that sound, these guys would not be out of place on a label like Profane Existence say and i find it surprising they have any copies of their EP left for sale.

Below you will find a link to the EP ripped from CD at 320kbps and as far as i can tell this is the only link to a download of it out there on the internet! You can still pick up vinyl copies of the EP from the band themselves contact them on facebook HERE

There is also a limited to 100 copies CD version of the EP that will come in full 7" packaging being released soon so there's no excuse for the non-record player owners like me not to pick up a copy! In the meantime go have a listen to this great EP well worth 10 minutes of your time!

Vitriolic Response EP - Mediafire


  1. Thanks for this. I was looking forward to hearing this when i bought it. Unfortunately I don't have my record player with me and i couldn't find a download online.

    It definitely sounds a lot different to the current crust scene, and the production is very 'clean' sounding which is an interesting choice for a band like this.

    1. yeah i agree it's a refreshing change from the standard crusty style not that I don't love the more typical crust bands but it is nice to hear someone do something different with it.

  2. hey there. thats a nice little review and that clean sound is done purposefulkly we are all big big crusties but love the political hardcore stuff to and no one seems to be crossing the two together anymore, which is a real shame we wanted all our influences to come through strip it down to basics and rock out basically we are glad it going down well. thanx rob