Friday, 1 November 2013


Utanförskapet were a recent discovery for me Rob from Vitriolic Response was talking to me about an old band of his Raised By Drunks (More on them later) and sent me some Mp3's i really liked them and asked what the rest of the band were up to nowadays and he told me about Utanförskapet I managed to contact them through facebook and Bjorn (Bass) managed to get Jimmy (guitar) to send me a download of their only release so far the "Vildhjärta" 12" and I am so fucking glad Rob gave me a heads up on these because I cannot believe this 12" is a year old and I'm only just getting to it now!

As I have literally just heard of this band about a week ago I cannot tell you much about them they have a blogspot which i shall link up at the bottom but it's in Swedish and the google translate is not great! However what i can tell you is this is one seriously ripping 12" of high quality Swedish crust! This band fit in very neatly with some of the other Swedish stuff I have put up recently like Infernöh or Korsfäst they have a really good fuzzy blown out guitar sound the music is fast, tight and powerful with a sound that like the other bands I've mentioned owes as much to their classic homegrown classic KANG sound but with a totally modern edge and again I hear a bit of a  Motorhead in places! Top all this with some fast and tight drumming and great urgent sounding shouted vocals and all in all you have one great band.

It's really great that some of the newer Swedish bands I'm hearing seem to be putting the influence of their original homegrown punk back into their music and the Motorhead influence adds a great "rocking" edge to this raging sound which makes you nod your head as it tears your face off! Utanförskapet are up there with the best of the bands from Sweden at the moment They are well practiced veterans of the scene and it shows this 12" is an obvious culmination of playing in bands and spending years in the scene why no one else but me seems to be talking about them I don't know but I'm hoping my post will spread the word a bit and get these guys the recognition they deserve! Go get this now if you liked any of my recent posts then this is definitely for you!RAGING stuff!

Here's your links go show them some support, check out their blog or go like them on facebook and for the vinyl lovers go buy the 12" This band NEEDS to be heard by more people! Also according to their blog they have a split EP with Rajoitus in the works so watch out for that soon!

Utanförskapet BlogHERE

Facebook PageHERE

Buy the 12"HERE

*NOTE* there was a bit of communication breakdown between myself and the band they didn't want the music posting on here as the record is coming out on CD next year so i have had to remove the link to the music sorry guys and sorry readers.however you can hear them on soundcloud HERE

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