Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Vitriolic Response Related Goodness

So networking with bands and people recently has been a total goldmine of new stuff,so this post is 2 bands related to Vitriolic Response (See my VR post HERE ) First up we have Raised by Drunks a project featuring Rob (Vitriolic response guitarist) and I'm sure he said ex members of 3 Way Cum? not 100% on that though but members of RBD went on to form the mighty Utanf√∂rskapet (See Post HERE ) anyways this was a band he played in whilst living in Sweden for a while and these are the only recordings from 2009 and 2010 and it's a shame this band were so short lived because they were an utter crust bulldozer! There's some serious bottom end fuzz guitar barreling fast drums and utterly hateful and nasty vocals! They only ever released A Split EP with Link however Rob also sent me their unreleased EP from 2010 as well so not only do you get the available Split W/ Link here you also get a full EP's worth of unreleased material and as far as my google searching can tell this is the only place on the net you're gonna find this. I think the Split very slightly has the edge over the unreleased EP it's just got this really different "sludgy" sound to the music that I've never really heard before soundwise with many crust type bands however the Unreleased EP is also a killer just maybe slightly thinner production than the split also those vocals are so fucking hateful sounding it's just great!. But none of  what i said here is any kind of complaint I've played these recordings a lot since Rob sent me them and I guarantee if you like any of the heavy stuff I put on here then you will love this so go get yourself some obscure and rare brutal crust utterly fucking ripping stuff! (The File contains Split & Unr.EP)

Raised By Drunkshttp://www.mediafire.com/download/jzb5jc9zfcm312g/Raised+By+Drunks.rar

So next up we have Kismet HC These guys are a LONG standing band and have been around since the late 80's and feature Vitriolic Response drummer Dee Fekt McCrust I remember them vaguely from back in the day and i think at the time with me being young and all about the heavy,fast brutality back then i kinda wrote them off as part of the whole melodic/hardcore/anarcho scene that was prolific in the North West of England back then and to be honest was of no interest to me at the time, when Dee mentioned he was a member of Kismet HC and said he would send me their latest album "Songs Of Strife" from 2011 I was a bit skeptical because I had prejudged them on preconcieved ideas about their history and sound and figured i wouldn't like it, FUCK was i wrong SO wrong!

First off i have to say that it's hard to totally classify this album too specifically but there's a range of different influences on display here but i would describe it as utterly ripping female fronted anarcho-thrash?? Let me get more specific... opening track "Token Victories" opens with an impressive intro which reminds me of classic Rudimentary Peni and Zanne has to be given much credit for her amazing vocals as well because she has a style that is all her own but at the same time puts you right in mind of the best female vocalists of truly classic anarcho punk we're talking Eve Libertine of Crass, Pauline of Potential Threat's very high standard here! At the same time when the music up's the tempo the sheer anger and venom displayed in the vocals is just stunning but her ability to hold a note or two as well totally gives an added edge that is lacking in a lot of female vocalists who tend to lean more towards the shouty/scream style! Anyway on to the music, first off i was impressed by the speed of some of the tracks this is some really fucking fast stuff even by the standards of the stuff i post! tho it doesn't veer over into total fast-thrash territory it's pretty much as fast as you can go with this style of sorta D-beat drumming (however there's NOTHING D- related music wise to my ears on this album OK dis-addicts?!!) plus there's plenty of mid paced and slower parts (and even the odd funky break as well!) which all keep things interesting also the guitar sound is fairly clean in a more hardcore tradition rather than the blown out and heavy sound of the more crust type stuff normally i wouldn't be too keen on that kinda sound but in this case it has a really sharp sound and really works! I could go on more about this album as it is one of the most unexpected surprises i have had in ages it's fast, really tight and aggressive without being heavy or brutal the production is spot on and everything is clear in the mix and is so refreshingly original and enjoyable and one of the best albums I've heard in a while plus there's some really great well thought out and intelligent lyrics all provided in the booklet! why more people aren't onto this album and it isn't totally out of print already i have no idea as i wasn't a hard listen or anything it just tears out of the speakers and grabs your attention immediately! If you like classic anarcho punk/thrash and wish there were more bands playing that style these days well here's a band that bring the sound right up to date whilst utterly shredding it at the same time.
Go and get this album now and you will be utterly shocked at how good it is, the musicianship and songwriting on display here is just amazing! I hope to catch these guys live sometime soon for sure! SPOT ON! and thanks so much to Dee for the CD and the permission to upload it as well!

Kismet HChttp://www.mediafire.com/download/7k528bsohrxq0zw/Kismet+HC.rar

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