Monday, 30 December 2013


Well one look at the cover for this would normally leave me thinking D-beat...AVOID as even though there are some decent bands following the D-path  it has gotten played out and beyond pathetic,shameful and ridiculous (I am fairly discerning when it comes to this kinda stuff but even i have 24 folders in my hard drive of bands with the Dis - prefix)  but a friend of mine posted a youtube video of this demo on my facebook newsfeed and for some reason I decided to give it a listen so i hit play and I was immediately blown away by the sheer urgency of this band! Hailing from Russia I don't know whether existing in a state which is still bordering on 3rd world to a certain degree is what gave this demo it's sense of desperation and urgency?

"Еби Систему \ Пропаганда" (translates as Fuck The System/Propaganda) is an utterly blistering listen the drums have a real tinny metallic sound to them, thats not to say weak or under recorded of course as they are like a runaway train totally pounding behind the guitars and anguished vocals! It lasts a mere 10 minutes and what a blistering 10 minutes it is! Many bands use early Discharge as a template and I'm sure these guys probably do as well but what is lacking from most Dis- bands is again as i said before a sense of sheer urgency and desperation that you get from listening to "WHY" or "Hear Nothing..." but this band has that feel in spades without being D-clones! This is about as "real" as this kind of music gets and I would not waste your time with some run of the mill 10 pence D-clone shit recycling old Discharge riffs and calling it "punk" this is a recording that commands your attention immediately, picks you up gives you a good fucking shake and slams you to the floor! It's not often something this straightforward and kinda "simplistic" really does it for me but in this case this is something you really NEED to hear I've not been this surprised or impressed by something like this in a long time...SHOCKINGLY good!


By the way on a further note you may be interested to know that Distress latest album "Life,Death..Rebirth" from this year is an exercise in Tragedy influenced new school crust and actually borders on Death metal there's none of the raw anguish of this demo and they are now just another band playing well produced modern "epic"crust./death metal I do not doubt their political sincerity in any way and i haven't heard any of their records between this demo and their latest album so can't say I've charted their progression over 10 years however i think that this demo was really onto something exciting and really vital and now they are just another name on a very long list of bands with those thick heavy downtuned guitars and melodic leads style crust and i think it's a bit of a shame really :-( you can check out a stream of their newest album here and judge for yourself....

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