Tuesday, 24 December 2013


So does this band need any introduction or do i need to say anything about them surely any readers of this blog will be intimately familiar with this band? If not Doom are a band who have existed for 25 years now and have been nothing if not consistent and in my opinion have gone from strength to strength over the years after numerous line up changes and members coming and going there has always (as far as i'm aware) been the core members of Bri on guitar and Stick on the drums Doom 2013 have been rounded out by Denis on vocals and Scoot on bass both of whom are also scene veterans and have both served time with DOOM at some point over the years. Anyway i'm not gonna go into a big blurb here because i really think a description and bio of this band is really unnecessary should u wish to know more here is their website with a full bio discography, merch etc all meticulously presented by the band themselves and a goldmine of info!all the DOOM you need....


What i will say tho that Doom being back in 2013 is a fucking great thing and this new album is a testament as to why they have managed to exist and stay popular over 25 years and why after that time they are still masters of their craft! This album is an absolute fucking beast from the opening fade in to the closing chords there is not an inch of space wasted every song is a cracker it's heavy, tight, well produced (recorded mixed and mastered By Bri Doom himself at the legendary 1 in 12 studios) and is just fucking great if you know Doom you know what to expect if you don't this is as good a place any to start, As i said a blurb on these guys is pointless i just wanted to spread the word and alert my readers that...


Doom - "Corrupt Fucking System" - HERE

This link will take you to their bandcamp page where you can download the new album for the small price of £3, now, normally my Blog policy is not to direct you to "pay" Downloads however in this case it's DOOM them having a new album out is a big fucking deal and it's an utterly great album and these guys above all deserve your support and 14 tracks of a band that pretty much defined both the crust and d-beat scenes and have put 25 years service into the scene are offering their album for less than the price of a pint i think in this case i can make an exception!

However it's not all DOOM (!!!) and GLOOM in the usual under the surface spirit here's a little taster of what you can expect from doom 2013, the guys toured the USA in 2012 and they released a tour 7" with 4 brand new tracks to coincide with the tour which was later re-issued as a CD in Japan and a 12" in the UK bolstered by a further 2 tracks a Celtic Frost cover and a Shitlickers cover here i present for you DOOM's "Fuck their Plutonomy" EP 6 tracks of raging fucking crust punk by the masters if you like this EP then the album will fucking floor you make no mistake! Here's your free taste folks now go buy the album, £3 for a download? SHIT man that's lunch money price DON'T be a cheapskate!

Doom : "Fuck Their Plutonomy" EPmediafire



  1. Stick wasnt original drummer, Mick Harris was first drummer when they changed the name to Doom afaik. Dont recall them ever playing or being described as d-beat either.

    1. hi again anonymous, just happened to find this on discogs today which backs up what I was saying, and also part of what you were saying taken from Discogs.com

      Formed in 1987 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, however they began as The Subverters, with Bri Doom (guitar), Jon Pickering (bass/vocals) and Jason "Hog" Hodges (drums). About the time Hog was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris (Napalm Death), the band changed its name to Doom.

      This line up played one or two gigs, playing in a crossover metal style. Bri and Jon decided this wasn't the direction they wanted the band to move in. Consequently they left Harris and the metal style of music, and decided to go in a Discharge-influenced crust-punk-style that Doom became known for. Pickering dropped bass to concentrate on vocals and Pete Nash joined as bass player. Harris left for Napalm Death so new drummer "Stick", recently made band-less, joined after a drunken meeting at the infamous Mermaid Pub. This was when the 'real' Doom was formed. The band started rehearsing with this line-up in mid 1987.

      Hope That helps?


      Dave B.

  2. ok anonymous i first became aware of doom in 1987 when I got their 1st 3 track demo from Stick the one that 2 tracks from were used on peaceville comp "A Vile Peace" this was their first recording as Doom in the more discharge/scandinavian hardcore style (Previous to that they had been playing "crossover" type metallic hardcore which i believe was when Mick harris was in the band) so my recounting of the doom history is from when that demo was recorded when Stick was in the band there are countless occasions when bands have had different members before recording anything however I always count a bands history from when they first release a recording whether it's a demo/LP whatever. also the key word used in my post as far as D-beat is concerned is "Defined" as in their style and sound was highly influential on later bands playing d-beat not that doom were d-beat however they do use a dicharge type beat also the discharge influence is undeniable by their own admission even though they have progressed far beyond that now. Thanks for your comment hope that clears things up RE: this post,


    Dave B.