Monday, 30 December 2013


Endless Grinning Skulls come from an immaculate pedigree featuring Gords (Geriatric Unit, Hard To Swallow, John Holmes) Steve Charlesworth (Heresy, Geriatric Unit, Meatfly etc) Patrick Lawlor (War/System & Terrorain) and Andrew Morgan (Army Of Flying Robots & Dead In The Woods) these are some guys with a serious fucking grounding in the UK hardcore scene. I had never heard of them till a couple of months ago when i saw they were playing the same day as the band i was subbing in (Skitvarld) at the oft mentioned on here Means To End festival in Leeds in September 2013 so I sought out their music as soon as i found that out as i was going to see them live and then i found out who was in the band and their awesome artwork and the urgency to hear them just increased TENFOLD! (However they ended up not playing due to a problem with their bassist)  So I wasn't sure what to expect as these guys have a real hardcore pedigree but yet they were playing a political/crust punk festival and their artwork had shades of crass/crust to it and basically that kinda sums it up what you get is blisteringly fast crust punk riffs and drumming but with quite hardcore sounding vocals and production, it really is a product of it's members as this is way to clean and well produced to be your typical gnarly heavy crust punk but yet at the same time the riffing is pure crust punk with a hardcore sound!

I find this unusual blend to be utterly addictive and i really like these guys a lot, but even tho they have a blogspot and a soundcloud page there's very little music available by them online and as they have released a mere 1 album an EP and a split EP all on vinyl only if you don't have a record player then you have a small choice of songs on soundcloud to listen to! So i decided it was high time this was rectified I have had a copy of their album and EP for a couple of months and have resisted blogging them because i felt if the band wanted their stuff up for download they would put it on bandcamp or something however the album and EP are 2 years  and 1 year old respectively now so i feel that if anyone wanted the album and EP on vinyl they would surely have sought them out by now and so i hope to not be harming the band or labels "sales" by doing this post! Also nearly all the punkers i know will buy vinyl anyway and a lot of times on the strength of hearing them first!

So here i present for you the Debut Endless Grinning Skulls album and their "Fear, Ignorance,Control" EP in one convenient file I don't have the split EP with Violent Arrest and would not blog it anyway as it's only been out months! Anyway go check em out extremely tight well played stuff by guys with a TON of experience under their belts! Utterly GREAT band!


check out their blog here for more info/news/records etc....

If anyone from the band finds this post and wants it taken down don't shout at me just ask and it's gone

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  1. hi any chance of posting the spilt ep I got the vinyl version but could not get the mp3 to download- Podcarlisle