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Mayak are a new band from Bielefeld Germany, I was sent a friend request from them on facebook recently and I thought it was a person at first however they turned out to be a band! So before I accepted the request I went to their bandcamp page and streamed about 30 secs of the first song off their EP and it had quite growly vocals and kinda blasting Black metal parts and I just thought "nahhhh not for me" and i dismissed them! Anyway i got a really nice message from them yesterday saying "Would i check them out and sorry for bothering you etc" so I felt a bit bad for not listening to them properly so I just downloaded their EP this morning to give them a fair hearing! FUCK I was SO wrong to sell them short, this EP is absolutely brilliant 

Mayak mix a variety of styles from touches of blistering black metal and death metal (The Really good death metal as well classic era not the modern nonsense) but I also hear bits of really good classic metal and a generous heaping of great hardcore/punk as well, In fact one of the songs reminds me of  a song by obscure hardcore band Snakebite from their "Feel the Buzz" EP I don't know if that's intentional though! There's so much on offer here  kinda "gang chorus" parts and some nice memorable melodic flourishes here and there and the outro to the EP is a short acoustic/harmonica outro that wouldn't be out of place on something like a Neil Young or Bob Dylan album!! 

I find the EP to be a great mix of their different influences and although there are some Black Metal blasts here and there they do it really well and it' doesn't have that trebly high end sound that the majority of Black metal does what i mean is when they hit the acellerator they don't lose any of the power or heaviness of the rest of the EP, also the growly vocals that initially put me off are fairly minimal the main vocals throughout the EP are a bit less "Satan growls from hell" and more anguished sounding which i like and because the growling vocals are minimal they don't overpower the music and also begin to work better with the sound of the band as a whole the more you listen to the EP. I have to say it's a thoroughly enjoyable listen and the blend of styles is so well done it doesn't bore me like a lot of this kinda stuff does! A Great debut EP it's free and a decent 15 minutes in length DO NOT be put off by the Black metal looking cover and logo trust me it's deceiving and part of the reason I dismissed them in the first place so don't make the same mistake 

All in all this is one of the most oriuginal sounding bands I've heard come from the "extreme" metal scene in a while and generally I don't have much time for any modern metal bands I generally stick to the classic old school stuff but I can't say enough how the different influences of this band shine through on this EP and make it a real pleasure to listen to.

These Guys are obviously well practiced musicians and they also seem to gel together well as a band and it shows in the sound of this EP as I feel with the different influences on show throughout the EP that to pull these influences together into a sound that flows well is tight and doesn't Jar you by jumping from one style to another is no mean feat, Go check this EP out if you like your metal/hardcore and you want to hear something different and really good Trust me I'm sure these guys will be huge once word gets around so you will thank me later for giving you the nod on this now whilst they are still relatively unknown and here's hoping my post here will help spread the word! Go get it at the link below and you can also buy a hard copy on Vinyl,Tape or CD the first time I've seen a release on all 3 formats since the early 90's just shows these guys are determined to make sure they can get their music out to everyone regardless of your chosen format of listening! GREAT stuff GO GO GO>>>>>>>

MAYAK EP - http://iheartmayak.bandcamp.com/

(Free/pay what yoiu want download I shall leave it up to the readers discretion!!!)

These guys are obviously

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