Monday, 30 December 2013


Mellakka are a band I knew nothing about I was introduced to them by the guys from Skitvarld through us covering "Ei Oikeutta" from their debut EP (Pictured above) What i can tell you is they are from Finland existed from 1983 - 1986 they released 2 EP's "EI..." in 1984 and a second EP "Itsenãisyyspãivã" in 1985 and also a demo in 1986 then they were gone! These 3 items were very handily packaged into one CD/LP by Partners In Crime records in 2005 however I have been a fan of classic Scandinavian hardcore for years and had NEVER heard about this band until a few months ago and as they are so utterly great i thought it was criminal that there was not more of their stuff around. This is some ripping fast bass driven punk rock and easily the equal of any of their Swedish "KANGPUNK" cousins of the same era!

So in the link below you will find both the EP's and the 1986 demo taken from the CD I mentioned but seperated into their corresponding EP's all nice and neatly organised for you! I'm sorry this post is so brief but other than what I've said there is not much i can add though I'm sure the Andy's from Skitvarld would definitely have something more to say about it but I was unfortunately ignorant of this great band till i met them, however i figured I could do my little bit here to keep this bands great music alive and find them some new fans! Go check this out definitely will be loved by fans of the classic scandi-sound!


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